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Topic: Polling the Members
Message: Posted by: cataquet (Oct 21, 2005 04:48AM)
Not to make any comparisons, but over in the Genii forum, you can post a poll. How about adding that to the list of choices. For example, over in the Food for thought section, there's a meandering thread about the use of the word "Muggle". Wouldn't it be nice to instead simply post a poll to whether they are for, against or indifferent?

Just a thought

Bye for now

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 21, 2005 04:55AM)
Harold, thanks for your suggestion.
While having the ability to let members have polls is an interesting concept, we have thought about this some time ago and decided that it would present more problems then it would solve.

Because we have so many members who post here on a daily basis, I can just imagine cruising through the forums and finding dozens of silly polls which would serve no logical purpose other than using up precious bandwidth.
While I realize we have many professionals who would use such a feature very sparingly, I also know we have a zillion people who would not.

In that light, you can certainly understand our reasoning in this matter.
Again, I appreciate your input and hope you can understand mine. :smoke: