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Topic: Quick question about Dixy DVDS
Message: Posted by: AntonDreaming (Oct 24, 2005 05:13PM)
On the Dixy Dooly DVDs it says it teaches a rubberband escape. I was just woundering if anyone had a discription of the escape....

As Always

Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Oct 24, 2005 08:00PM)
Okay...it's not really an escape, but more of a challenge.

The rubberband is looped around your pinky and forefinger from the back, so that it's running across the back of your hand. You then must get the rubberband off of your hand by using only that hand.
Message: Posted by: EscapeMaster (Oct 25, 2005 03:42AM)
Pinky and thumb, I believe...
Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Oct 25, 2005 05:40PM)
Yeah! Sorry 'bout that! My fault, it is your pinky and thumb.