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Topic: Cesaral Mental Mind Calculator
Message: Posted by: 2003 user (Oct 27, 2005 07:43PM)
Any review for Cesaral Mental Mind Calculator ? Thanks
Message: Posted by: runawayjag (Oct 27, 2005 09:01PM)
I think Cesaral's Calculator is an excellent prop. It is not just another calculator with certain functions switched. In fact, no calculations need to be done at all. For example, you can enter three figures into the calculator (out of the view of the audience,) and then put the machine in a small box and give it to a spectator to hold. Now, ask any three spectators to stand and shout any single digit. Let's say they should out 3, 8 and 2. You instruct the spectator to remove the calculator immediately and on the display is 382.

Of course, you can use it to predict the total of calculations, if desired, or even perhaps better, to force a large number to eliminate, for example, the use of a deck of cards in Mental Epic.

It's a killer. Probably my absolute favorite mental "hour" trick is Collector's Workshop's Gift of Time. Of course, it is over $2,000.00! This little unit from Cesaral does exactly the same thing. No delay, no waiting, the prediction is instantaneous.

In addition to virtually any number, this unit is also set up with pre-programmed predictions, around which you can build a routine. One of them, for example is 1492 and I can think of a lot of possibilities for that number.

The calculator is fully examinable and fully functional. You could literally have this on your desk as your everyday calculator and then do the trick for someone who was visiting.

Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: 2003 user (Oct 28, 2005 01:40PM)

Thank you for your details information. I will get one.
Message: Posted by: Roth (Oct 28, 2005 09:10PM)
There's one on Ebay right now.
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Nov 3, 2005 02:42AM)
I know but why pay so much . I use The calculator from guy bavli 50.00 works for me with this calculator the spectator Is asked to square rt the random numbers before the final outcome this will make It more difficult for the mentalist. I already have the total prediction In a sealed envelope. also the calculator looks like the one from the office . 10 Stars for this baby ********** ! Please do not buy It I want to be the only one using this !
Message: Posted by: runawayjag (Nov 3, 2005 06:02PM)
You are comparing apples to oranges. As I stated, the Cesaral calculator can be used for non-mathematical predictions. Try this with Bavli's:

You hand the spectator a small box telling him it contains your calculator that you take with you to the store to keep track of your spending. You never touch the box or calculator from this point out.

You tell the spectator to empty his pockets and count all the money he has with him, currency and change. Let's say he does so and has $24.87 total. HE opens the box and HE removes the calculator and on the display is "24.87." Now, that's a killer trick, uses no calculations or mathematics to suggest a tricky calculator, and is about as direct as mentalism can get.

I'm sure Bavli's is a fine machine and your $50.00 was well spent, but to compare it to the Cesaral calculator is like saying your Ford Pinto gets you where you're going, just like that Porsche does.
Message: Posted by: goldeneye007 (Feb 28, 2008 03:33PM)
Yes, Cesaral Mental Mind Calculator is really incredible!!! It works very well and arouses no suspicion provided you use a proper routine and presentation for it!!! JUSTIFY the calculator and it will be a miracle, the most little suspicion and it could be over... I'm a little exagerating, but it's the idea...
Message: Posted by: goldeneye007 (Feb 28, 2008 03:34PM)
Oh, and btw, my last post concerning the justification of the calculator is true for every calculator you want to use in magic... My opinion of course...
Message: Posted by: John C (Feb 29, 2008 07:27AM)
On 2005-11-03 03:42, tophatter wrote:
10 Stars for this baby ********** ! Please do not buy It I want to be the only one using this !

why did you mention it then?
Message: Posted by: CesaralM (Mar 7, 2008 01:07PM)
Here are some directories in which you will find interesting files and will see how if works:

user: mental
password: calculator

Don´t miss also the information about the Cesaral ESP Calculator :

user: ESP
password: 1234

Figure out now the endless possibilities for new effects!

I hope this helps

Cesar Alonso (Cesaral Magic)
Message: Posted by: goldeneye007 (Mar 20, 2008 11:10AM)
Thanks! I have developed my own routine and am very happy with it (and so seems to be the audience...). But I'll have a look at the links! Thanks again!
Message: Posted by: eb02 (Apr 22, 2008 12:10PM)

I have a mental calcularor for sale.
PM if you are interesting.

Message: Posted by: goldeneye007 (May 13, 2008 08:09AM)
....interestED you mean... ;)
could be falsly unserstood... ;)
Message: Posted by: PatrickGregoire (Jan 8, 2009 07:19PM)
Goldeneye007 is correct, although I doubt you'll ever be able to justify why you'd have a prediction on a calculator instead of written on a piece of paper... There is absolutely no reason why you would have used the calculator to write your prediction. It just seems so stupid. Plus it's completely impossible so they'll assume you can change the total remotely.
Message: Posted by: Federico Soldati (Sep 20, 2013 03:37AM)
I have personally bought from Cesar his Calculator with receiver hidden inside the pen and let me tell you…that was the best purchase of the year! Hands down.
I am using the calculator to demonstrate Benjamin Arthur's style of lightning calculation and it is working like a dream. It is not easy to perform this type of effects remaining humble and interesting, but I have a very special character and people really love this type of demonstration. I am really thankful to Cesar for inventing such a great prop. I really love it and highly recommend it.