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Topic: Spirit Cabinet
Message: Posted by: Ste (Nov 7, 2002 09:56AM)
Hello everybody!

Where one can find the "Spirit Cabinet" in magic literature?
There is a specific booklets?


Thenk you!

Message: Posted by: SpiffnikHopkins (Nov 8, 2002 09:35PM)
Check the old books. Robert Houndin as well as Prof. Hoffmen have good detailed descricptions out there. Many of the older books have it because that's when the effect was popular. If you don't own any, check your local library.

Message: Posted by: DonB! (Nov 14, 2002 08:32AM)
For booklets, here are some I have:

Fogel's Top Secrets #1 - The Gambling Ghost
This was a manuscript put out by Fogel, available from many used magic book dealers.

Out of the Spook Cabinet by Herman Weber
This deals more with dark seances and spook shows, but there are great ideas to incorporate into a spirit cabinet routine.

Spirits on the Stage - Bob Blau
Excellent resource, including method AND ROUTINE, which many books do not cover. This book also has other neat things, like sealed billet reading and spirit slates.

Rapp's Spirit Cabinet - Abbott's Magic
This looks very similar to the Willard cabinet act, though the working is completely different.

Each of the above booklets has a different working method, so each has it's own possibilities and limitations.

Hope this helps.

Don Bursell
Message: Posted by: Ste (Nov 22, 2002 06:12AM)
Thank you DonB for your help!

Now I start my research!