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Topic: New Site...
Message: Posted by: Lance Pierce (Nov 1, 2005 09:45PM)
Okay, I've just put a new site up at http://www.lancepierce.com .

Let me know what you think!


Message: Posted by: Caleb Wiles (Nov 8, 2005 04:31PM)
I like the session material idea. Keep up the good work.

Message: Posted by: edh (Nov 8, 2005 06:01PM)
Very good. I like the site.
Message: Posted by: Mago Gregorio (Nov 8, 2005 07:38PM)
That's nice but lot of text. Should add some photos / illustrations IMHO

:bikes: :bluebikes: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Nov 11, 2005 04:36PM)
Overall it's a good site design wise.
I also like the idea of the site.


Navigation could be more the same on each page. Top and bottom is good.
I had to scroll down on the Home page to see navigation.

On the Home page I see no reason for using a graphic for the
"Welcome to Lance P...". It just increases load time.

Having a size attribute for "welcomemessage.gif" as well as other images is a good idea.

The first Products page could use some navigation links. I see no need to use an animated graphic for the "GatewayToExcellence.gif" either.

I like the idea that since your site is basically information you do use a lot of text and minimum images. With the exception of product pictures I see no real reason for adding images.

Using CSS, as you have, is always a good idea.

Good luck with the site. :)
Message: Posted by: Review King (Nov 11, 2005 05:24PM)
Very nice looking site!