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Topic: Transferable topit.
Message: Posted by: haywire (Nov 3, 2005 09:52AM)
100$ seems a lot for this, does anyone have it and did you find it worth the investment?

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Nov 3, 2005 11:21AM)
It does not look like you are a sport coat kind of guy. If you don't wear a coat most of time. Then you have to make a decision. 3 or 4 sport coat will run you more then the $100 for the topit.
Message: Posted by: KenW (Nov 3, 2005 11:53AM)
Great comment wmhegbli! - LOL!
But just in case, The toppit in question requires you to install a number of buttons into each jacket you use with the toppit. I have this toppit but don't use it any more. (willing to sell it to you for $50.)I have two jackets with Ammar's toppit installed but the jackets are worn out and I don't use them. I did find a toppit that I DO USE on occassions where I might need a toppit. (Remember, the toppit is a utility NOT to be OVER USED in performance). The toppit that I have found to work for me is the FITOPIT by Bazar de Magia - Argentina. It installs quickly and the little modification done on this toppit helps to keep it open.
Good luck with your hunt for a toppit and a couple sport jackets!
Message: Posted by: four elements (Nov 6, 2005 09:26AM)
Does the FITOPIT require modifcations to the jacket? What is used to secure it to the jacket?