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Topic: Coming to Japan...
Message: Posted by: MattWayne (Nov 3, 2005 02:46PM)
Hey there,

Thought I'd post this here; since a lot of 'traffic' comes through here.

I was wondering if there were any magicians in the Japan region. I'll be coming over that way for a three year tour and just thought it would be nice to meet up with any Japan locals. I'll be all over the Japan area. Starting out in Sasebo* (sorry if I spelled that wrong...) and then heading for Tokyo. Then from there- wherever they wish to send me or whatever is booked. I know for a fact that I'm playing in some theatres in Tokyo. I also know that I'll be staying in the Japan area for probably around a year. So if there's any magic shops over there- that wouldn't mind an American magician lecture, show, or whatnot; just let me know:P Would be more than happy to help anyone also!

Best regards,

Matt Tomasko