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Topic: Headbandz challenge
Message: Posted by: madmanmike1 (Nov 17, 2005 09:45PM)
Hello all,
I'm looking for someone more creative than me to help figure out the end of an effect that has been tormenting me for a while. I've got the plot but the climax escapes me.

4 to 6 spectators on stage. More than likley children or teens. each wearing a blue headband. The headbands are plastic bands which will hold a large card upright so everyone but the person wearing it can see the card.

Now where do I go from there. I know it sounds like it can go somewhere good, but for the life of me I can't work out the end. What do I do with 4 people with cards on thier head. I thought I could get them to guess what card they have, but how. If anyone has a thought let me know.
Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Nov 17, 2005 11:09PM)
Half-baked idea:

The spectators wearing the cards can see that the cards are two-sided. Ace of spades on both sides. The audience is shown that the cards have regular backs. The cards are placed in the headbands and the kids can see the backs, so they know what is on the front. They each reveal the card they are wearing. Now you ask them to explain how it's done. When they tell the audience that the same card is on the back and try to show them this, they discover that their cards actually do have real backs and the two-sided cards they thought they saw don't exist.
Message: Posted by: madmanmike1 (Nov 18, 2005 10:42AM)
That sounds okay, are there any other Ideas? I was thinking something along the lines of picture cards on the headbands. The Headbands come from a game where the players have pictures of famous people on thier heads and they watch thier opponents play charades and they try to guess what is on thier head. Good game, not magic though. The image of a spectator with a picture on thier head just sounds funny especialy if they do not know what that picture is. I just wish I could come up with an effective routine.

Message: Posted by: Spellbinder (Nov 18, 2005 07:12PM)
Call up five kids. Take a picture of each kid with a polaroid camera. Hand the picture to each kid. Now collect all the pictures and mix them up. Have the kids put on the headbands and you put a picture on each of their heads, mixing them up so no one knows whose picture is on his or her head. Have each kid choose an ESP card from a pack of five different ESP symbols. Play the guessing game as normal. When each kid has finally figured out whose photo is on his or her head, have each kid show the ESP design being held. The BACK of each photo is now revealed to have the ESP design chosen by each of the kids AFTER the pictures were put on their heads. The kids keep the photos for playing the game.