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Topic: Flourishing with gloves!
Message: Posted by: aby9plp (Nov 9, 2002 05:32PM)
How hard is this?!? Is there anyone here who does this? I'm talking here to master flourish people like De'Vo, Jerry Cestkowski and a couple of others... Is there a lot of difference? Do you have to re-practice everything that you have already learned for another couple of hours? What type of gloves do you wear?
Of course, some people could easily say "Why the heck would you want to wear gloves?!?". I would say that I just find it more beautifull and more professional to do flourishes with gloves.
So, any comments?
Message: Posted by: pyromagician (Nov 10, 2002 12:55PM)
Jerry and De'vo do many things with gloves made of cotton and leather etc.... It is beautiful and isn't too much harder depending on the gloves
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Nov 13, 2002 10:41AM)
Get this aby9plp,

I've been practicing card manipulation for years now and recently thought about trying gloves for the heck of it. Remembering Cardini.
It worked! It's not that difficult - I suppose if you handle cards well.
Unfortunately, the white gloves have no place in my act.
Was fun while it lasted.

Randy Stewart
Message: Posted by: Carron (Nov 30, 2002 08:03AM)
Try fanning cards wearing gloves, it works pretty well! :pepper:
Message: Posted by: SKILL (Jan 31, 2003 08:39PM)
It's not that difficult. I have a routine
called Dragon Fanning Deck. The deck changes color 8 times, as do the faces of the cards.
I wear white gloves all the time.
Skill :coolspot: