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Topic: Straight Talk About Theme Parks
Message: Posted by: BaseballMagic (Nov 21, 2005 08:22PM)
Hey Guys-
I am trying to find a copy of Doug Anderson's book "Straight Talk About Theme Parks". Because this is an older book, I am having trouble trying to find a dealer that carries it, etc. Does anyone know where I might get a copy of this book?
Message: Posted by: sethb (Nov 22, 2005 06:50AM)
I don't know if it's still available new (nothing showed up in an Amazon search). But I did see a used copy for $100 on the Advanced Book Exchange [abebooks.com]. Take a look at http://dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=532595417&tab=1&searchurl=bx%3Doff%26sts%3Dt%26ds%3D30%26bi%3D0%26an%3Danderson%26tn%3Dstraight%2Btalk%2Babout%2Btheme%26sortby%3D2.

The book was apparently privately printed and so may not have received wide distribution. SETH
Message: Posted by: BaseballMagic (Nov 22, 2005 04:44PM)
Thanks for your help! That price is a little high though. Maybe it is because the book has become sort of a collector's item. Thanks!
-Michael Platt
Message: Posted by: isaacfawlkes (Nov 27, 2005 10:07PM)
Try H&R magic books in Humble, Texas. I was in the office a few weeks ago and I think I saw a copy of the book.


Do a search, I did it was $75.00

Message: Posted by: Ken McCreedy (Jan 6, 2006 09:01AM)
I have the book you are looking for. It is in excellent condition and you can have it for whatever you can afford to pay.