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Topic: Fender Passport 10W
Message: Posted by: Scott Horn (Nov 22, 2005 12:54PM)
Does anyone have any experience with the Fender Passport 10W. My wife is very active in various clubs and needs a simple PA for use indoors with 30-60 people. It would be nice if this could be used in small magic performance settings as well for me, say up to 30 people. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Message: Posted by: Michael Messing (Nov 22, 2005 01:49PM)
It has good power and sounds okay when speaking, but the sound isn't very good for music. It has a very small speaker so it can't reproduce music very well.

Another small PA that's pretty good with voice (but again not too great with music) is the Peavey Solo: http://www.peavey.com/products/browse.cfm/action/detail/item/93630/number/00476100/cat/75/begin/1/SoloAE.cfm

It runs on regular batteries or you can purchase an AC adapter. Of course, it doesn't have the built-in wireless microphone.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Nov 22, 2005 02:06PM)
The PigNose could be a descent alternative that is battery / AC operated and is udner $100.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
If you turn the volume up all the way, talk into the mic and look directly into the PA speaker, all at the same time, you'll get feedback.
Message: Posted by: Scott Horn (Nov 22, 2005 03:20PM)
Thanks for the info and the feedback (Frank). Is it strong enough (voice, not music) for 50 people, say 50 feet.
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Nov 22, 2005 03:30PM)
Scott, check out the waistband amp from hisonic.com

I use this every one of my birthday shows as it has a good clean sound for voice. It runs off of betterties. You cannot run music through though! You'll need a spereate music source for this.

You may also want to read my post under FX entitled Amplivox Portable Buddy- Not What They Claim It To Be! This is an awesome system that works like magic and would be great for almost every situation.
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Nov 22, 2005 03:37PM)
Here is the link to the exact one that I use....


I have used mine in over 100 birthday parties for crowds of 50 people or less and love it. It is so small but perfect for being heard.
Message: Posted by: RobertBloor (Nov 28, 2005 02:25PM)

There's a LIVE! Wire link to the review I did awhile back.

Robert Bloor
Message: Posted by: Aaron Isaacs (Nov 28, 2005 02:57PM)
I own and use a P10W all the time. It is great, even outdoors. Sound quality is not the best but for ease of us and portability I think it's a winner. it will easily handle a crowd of 50 people