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Topic: Burning Up - Review
Message: Posted by: Nick23 (Nov 22, 2005 03:34PM)
I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this new DVD today and watched it as soon as it arrived. After having watched Nate's two other DVD's, "Outside the box" and "Visual Voodoo" I knew the type of magic to expect and I wasn’t disappointed. Nate's Magic is strong, visual, in your face and in most cases, relatively easy to perform.

Tip Trey
A card is selected and returned to the deck. 3 cards are removed from the deck by the magician and are placed onto the table. The magician eliminates 2 of the cards and the chosen card is left impossibly balanced on it's edge on the table. No threads, sticky stuff or magnets. This is a nice routine that could quite easily be expanded to include card levitations or other impossibly balanced effects. This uses a gimmick that you will all already own, but in a way that I expect you haven’t seen before. 7/10

Homing Tie
After a series of signed card effects (e.g. ambitious card) the magician claims he will make the card shoot out of the deck, travel up his sleeve, across his chest and down his other sleeve into his waiting left hand. The card gets "stuck" along its journey and appears behind the tag on the back of the magicians tie. Again, a nice routine. A perfect end that easily matches a card in wallet/shoe/box etc that you could use if find yourself in a situation without your gimmicked props. 7/10

Fire Coins
3 Coins are produced by fire, melted, vanish and re-appear. A very flashy routine that does require a few gimmicks, but again, you will probably already own these. This is similar to a coin routine on a previous DVD, but I feel its different enough for its inclusion here. 8/10

Funtac Inflation
A penny is borrowed from a spectator. The magician waves his fingers over the coin and it doubles in size. The magician covers the coin with his hand and the coin grows to the size of a jumbo coin. The magician tosses the coin into the air, and shows his hands empty. This uses very clever method to achieve the changes that was a lot simpler than I expected. With a bit of thought this "principle" could be used for a number of other effects. 7/10

Smells Like Aces
A fancy four Ace production. This is a nice opener to any routine that would require the four aces. This looks very impressive but is actually quite easy to perform with minimal setup. 7/10

The DVD is produced to a high standard considering it wasn’t made in conjunction with any mainstream magic publisher. It contains a nice, easy to navigate menu system with clear sharp camera work and sound. Nate’s explanations are clear and easy to follow.

The only downside with this DVD is no "real world" performance clips are shown. These were included in his previous releases and were set in a busy bar. These did allow you to see how strong the material is and would have been a nice addition here.

If you aren't familar with Nate's magic, then this would be a good place to start. If you already have and like his other DVD's then this is definately worth considering.
Message: Posted by: S.Segal (Nov 22, 2005 08:44PM)
Nick, I couldn't agree with you more. I too received my Burning Up DVD the other day. I watched the entire DVD and was very impressed with the routines that were offered. While I won't re-list the effects (since they are above), I will mention that my favorites are "Tip Trey" and "Smells Like Aces". All of the routines included are fresh, visual and relatively easy to perform. I highly recommend this DVD for any serious student that enjoys performing solid close-up routines.

For more information regarding this DVD, go to:


Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Nov 22, 2005 08:52PM)
Thanks guys! I'm glad you both enjoyed the routines.

I have updated the info on the link below.


Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Nov 23, 2005 04:07PM)
All orders for BURNING UP Have shipped!


Message: Posted by: Sean Macfarlane (Nov 23, 2005 10:14PM)
Are any of the routines in print by any chance?


Sean Macfarlane
Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Nov 26, 2005 06:51PM)
Hi Sean,

Tip Trey was published in the most recent Semi Automatic book put out by Steve Beam. The rest of the material you haven`t seen unless you attended my lecture at the Las Vegas Seminar.

I hope you are doing well Sean. Hope to see you soon!

Message: Posted by: Bob Gerdes (Dec 21, 2005 10:34AM)
I also was lucky enough to get a copy of this DVD from one of Nathan's contests here on the Café. Although I've heard his name quite a bit lately, I'd never seen any of his work.

Nice stuff. I also liked "Fire Coins" the best. If you're interested in the 3-coin appearance-disappearance-reappearance type of trick, you might want to check this one out.

Thanks again, Nathan!

Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Dec 21, 2005 04:28PM)
You very welcome BOB!

I'm glad you liked the DVD. On a side note I am offering free shipping worldwide until 2006.

All the best,