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Topic: Best invisible thread?
Message: Posted by: magic123454321 (Nov 25, 2005 10:57AM)
What would be the best invisible thread that's not extremely expensive? How invisible is it? Can it carry heavy things? I was thinking about getting loops. Is that good?
Message: Posted by: Perl (Nov 25, 2005 11:15AM)
No. dun get loops. get elastic IT and make the loops ur self. yup.
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Nov 25, 2005 12:36PM)
Spider pen is a must!
Justin Miller
Message: Posted by: Michael Taggert (Nov 25, 2005 08:32PM)
Spider pen is incredible, stock up on batteries and a spare spool thought.
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Nov 26, 2005 05:11PM)
Get the pet 2.0 IT. it is the best in the world so far as I know. I also have the invisible thread from ellusionst and I didn't make me happy. with the pet IT you can make a lot hoops too.

if anyone knows a better IT please let me know.
Message: Posted by: magic123454321 (Nov 26, 2005 08:05PM)
Thanks guys Im still undecided though
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Nov 26, 2005 09:17PM)
You really should get pet 2.0 ;) read through the reviews as well and you will see what I mean. and buy the million dollar know on penguin magic. this will allow you making loops. so there you have everything combined witht he best IT ;)

Message: Posted by: sodman12 (Nov 30, 2005 11:13PM)
I just use wolly nylon and you can buy it at any sowing store. only downside is that you have to strip it but you can mess up as much as you want because you have bacially an unlimitted supply
Message: Posted by: Corey Harris (Dec 1, 2005 06:13AM)
I suggest both wooly nylon and the spider pen. I have had my spider pen since its release and am still on the same spool. But deffinately stock up on some batteries.
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 1, 2005 09:59AM)
Is the wooly nylon betetr than the pet 2.0 thread?
I have a qestion about the spider pen. everybody loves it and recommed it. but why? it is a invisible thread reel disguised as a pen, right? does anyone has a video clip he can upload where he makes a little performance witht he pen? do I have to hold the pen all the time in my hand or what? doesn't it look suspicous when I am holding a pen during levitations of small object? and I read you can levitat a thing many meters away from you. I am not sure if I should buy it, because I cannot nealry imagine how you can work with. why is ti better as a little electric reel which can be hold in finger palm, a pen bigger, isn't it? and when you say you can stick your pen in your jacket pocket for example, then I could say the same with the reel, cant i? so where is the difference between all these reels??

thx alot!

Message: Posted by: Corey Harris (Dec 1, 2005 12:56PM)
The spider pen is like any other ITR, you don't hold it while using it. Any ITR is fine. I just like my spider pen because its can be used as a normal pen, and is immediatly ready for use at pretty much any time.
Message: Posted by: davetolomy (Dec 1, 2005 01:00PM)
Actually I find that the kevlar thread you can get from topsecret magic are much better. This stuff is very strong (well its supposed to stop bullets)and you can get 100 lenghts for a tenner
Message: Posted by: jasonmagic (Dec 1, 2005 01:09PM)
Is the spider pen that great. I use Mark Allens Reel. It is cool because it is easy to fix. Quick repair. What is so cool about the spider pen?
Message: Posted by: jasonmagic (Dec 1, 2005 01:11PM)
Yegal's loops are great for cards. Has anyone heard of the Ties system. I wonder how good that is?
Message: Posted by: francois139 (Dec 1, 2005 01:35PM)
On 2005-12-01 14:11, jasonmagic wrote:
Yegal's loops are great for cards. Has anyone heard of the Ties system. I wonder how good that is?

Apparently it's just some plastic rack that helps you do 2 different size of loops. I don't think it's worth $ 100 USD. Get some elastic thread and learn how to do them yourself.
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 1, 2005 01:35PM)
The tie system is a little device which helps you creatings loops. once you get the million dollar knot you wont need anything else anymore. because you can create your own loops within seconds!

I would like to know more about the pen. why is it soooo good? and how is it possible to stand severel meters away from an floating object?
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Dec 1, 2005 01:53PM)
I don't know myself I have PET 2.0 and still not sur eif I like it. And I have ITR 2000 micro but I wouldnt say you can carry it at all times.
Message: Posted by: LDM (Dec 1, 2005 02:46PM)
What brand/kind of IT should I use to make my own loops with? Will pretty much any elastic thread do the job?
Message: Posted by: magic123454321 (Dec 1, 2005 03:52PM)
I think I'll get the spider pen cause I already got the normal nylon. I've heard a lot of good things about the spider pen.
Message: Posted by: tonycrew (Dec 2, 2005 07:33PM)
I heard you can use Womens Nylon and Lycra tights... is this true..? and is it any good...?
Message: Posted by: ofrmagic (Dec 13, 2005 02:26AM)
Does anybody knows about how good and diference on the ESR Deluxe vs. spider pen
Message: Posted by: ofrmagic (Dec 13, 2005 02:27AM)
Does anybody knows about how good and diference on the ESR Deluxe vs. spider pen
Message: Posted by: big k (Dec 13, 2005 10:57PM)
I beleave theres a type of invisable thread called: "The perfect thread". Supposely its thinner and harder to see then regular maigician's invisable thread.

big k
Message: Posted by: magic123454321 (Dec 14, 2005 08:09PM)
I already got like fishing thread but it's to thick and it's not elastic
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Dec 21, 2005 04:26PM)
Check out the custom thread by peki its very invisible and I couldn't see it from 5in away in regular light.
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 21, 2005 06:37PM)
Is it better than the pet2.0 ? or better than kevlex?

@ tony: yes you can. check out "who's afraid of invisible thread" by jon leclair. it is the best source for learning the handling of it in the world! at the beginning he explains everything in detail!

@ldm: I just can repat myself: get pet2.0 and the million dollar knot ;)

Message: Posted by: moosemanty (Dec 23, 2005 03:33AM)
I say why make your own loops when you can get 5 them for $3 or $4 on ebay.
Message: Posted by: Eirik (Dec 25, 2005 11:42AM)
On 2005-12-14 21:09, magic123454321 wrote:
I already got like fishing thread but it's to thick and it's not elastic

Fishing thread is only good for fishing. There are several great types of thread, I use different types of thread for different routines, it´s all about the place I perform and the object that´s going to be floating.
If you are serious about thread work buy some of the great material that´s in print or on DVD.
BTW be sure to check Ron Jaxon´s site and some of his earlier threads here at the cafè, he´s got some great thoughts about the subject.

Message: Posted by: magicman226 (Dec 25, 2005 01:24PM)
Just go to the thread section of wal-mart
Message: Posted by: stormchaser (Dec 28, 2005 04:42PM)
The best thread I've found is Ultra Elastic by ben Harris. It's the thread that comes with Cosmosis(original floating match), and it's stretchy, durable, and impossible to detect.
Message: Posted by: Gonzalo Mateos (May 19, 2020 04:50PM)
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Message: Posted by: ddtstore (Jul 29, 2020 02:30PM)
Loops and Venom stand out to me, I use them.