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Topic: Bashfull bunny
Message: Posted by: ruiefe (Nov 10, 2002 09:56PM)
Can anyone revew this effect?
My set of hippity hop rabbits is showing its age and it is too big to put in my case so I was thinking about using bashfull bunny.
Does anyone use it?
Does it loose magic to use something almos two-dimesional instead of the solid and tridimensional HHR?
Thank you
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Nov 10, 2002 11:00PM)
Ruiefe,you can get the hipity hop rabbits in a smallersize,5 inches tall.They are available from many dealers for about $30. Hank Lee's site calls them mini hop rabbits. oblique
Message: Posted by: Paul (Nov 11, 2002 04:02AM)
No, two dimensional props do not cause a loss of magic. Children can laugh and shout just as much! The lifespan may not be as long as a wooden prop but they are generally cheaper.

This effect got an excellent review on AllMagic. I've seen it close up and it looks as well made as pack flat props can be. There have been many like this over the years but the pictures on this are cute.