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Topic: The extraction by Kymystical magic
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 18, 2001 11:54AM)
I recently purchased this killer effect from Kymystical magic. Does anyone have any good story lines for it? I have one I use besides the ones included, I would like to see what someone else has come up with.


Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Sep 29, 2001 07:49AM)
Hey Mike!

How is the effect? Could you give me a brief explanation?


Steve :)
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 29, 2001 10:16AM)
A solid crytal materializes in a clear glass full of water.

Message: Posted by: tctahoe (Sep 30, 2001 05:56PM)
My first reaction is something to do with the Lady in The Lake….I have to admit it sounds intriguing. How does it look?
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 30, 2001 08:36PM)
It actually looks quite good,truly magical. The lady of the lake idea sounds interesting, thanx T.C.

Message: Posted by: tctahoe (Oct 1, 2001 03:39AM)
Of course, it could also be proof that some small bit of magic has survived Atlantis…
Message: Posted by: Jack (Oct 1, 2001 10:28AM)
Wow Ichazod, I've been trying to remember the name of Kymystical Magic for a long time. I once received a catalog from them and I remember the cool stuff it had. I also invented a trick called 'Chopped Up' and was trying to find them because I felt they would be the perfect place for it. So they're still in business huh? Do they have a web site?

Magically, Jack :wow:
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 1, 2001 10:36AM)
Message: Posted by: Jack (Oct 1, 2001 06:24PM)
Thanks Ichazod. Man, that website has an annoying popup that really gets in the way (Orbitz travel). Since it's water, you could possibly talk about a nice glass of fresh water for your parched magical mouth (which draws attention to the glass where they see it's just water) and as you yap about whatever (stalling for the crystal to appear), look down and say, " Hey, how did that get in there?!?" Kind of an offbeat unintentional occurance but still a magical occurance. An in-between the magic tricks magic trick.

Magically, Jack :shrug:
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Oct 1, 2001 06:30PM)
The pop ups are annoying, but they do have some cool stuff.One thing about the extraction is that there is a process to making the stone appear,it doesn't just happen.
Message: Posted by: JaquaiGul (Oct 2, 2001 08:01AM)
I seem to remember a patter line when the crystal was dark. The lady spectator holds the glass and her dark thoughts are "crystalized" into the water leaving her mind free for creative and positive thought.
Message: Posted by: magiker (Nov 3, 2001 08:40AM)
Atlantis idea sounds good.

How about Atlantis being a magical place and that crystals have healing qualities.

The water supposedly comes from Atlantis.

Well what do you know a crystal appears. :kermit:
Message: Posted by: magus (Nov 17, 2001 09:43PM)
"a diamond is formed by incredible heat and pressure" you talk about an island forming from what was the deepest part of the ocean- before the underwater volcano formed the island (this as you swirl the glass near a candle) a sympathetic magic representation with the glass of water as the ocean and the candle as the incredible heat...

Or you can talk about an old girl friend...

The heat of your passion and the incredible pressure she put on you to get married FORMED a diamond...
Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Dec 4, 2001 05:48PM)
With so much going on in The Cafe, this is my first look at this topic. Just a thought. Since you have become interested in the Tarot, may I suggest that you consider the major arcana Key 17, The Star. The card and it’s meaning may well inspire a great story. Remember, one of the divinatory meanings is "The gifts of the Spirit." That could be one of the "stars" picked from the sky of the card is crystalized in the "water of the subconsious" held with the glass vessel, or some such thing.

Maybe you could somehow get that card selected, set the glass of water on it and proceed with your "reading", finally, producing the "gift" of the crystal from the water.


For those who believe, no explanation is needed. For those who do not believe, no explanation is necessary. Dunninger
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Dec 5, 2001 05:12PM)
Thank you Marelli, nice idea!

Message: Posted by: dorbolo (Dec 11, 2001 11:32AM)

Regarding Extraction stories: I’d opt for an approach that made the spectator believe that they created the marvel. Force a color on them (color of the resulting gem); lecture a bit on alchemy; then lead them through a ritual by which their thought materializes.

The Philosopher’s Stone a traditional alchemist idea (it was supposed to transmute lead to gold). With Harry Potter, the philosopher’s stone is back in the zeitgeist.

In good spirit,

Message: Posted by: JaymesR (Dec 16, 2001 05:22PM)
Just the humble opinion of someone who’s never seen the trick, in my imagination I like the tarot card idea.
Message: Posted by: vovin (Jan 11, 2002 02:36AM)
I vote on the philosophers stone idea. very good concept and you can give them a "switched stone" as a momento.

One question Is this a trick you can perform close-up? I've been thinking of buying it myself but I am not sure it will fit into my style. :comply:
Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (Jan 18, 2002 12:34PM)
Perhaps a Titanic theme.

The water was recently recoved from inside the hull...and if conditions are right, it tries to resume its former life as an iceberg.
Message: Posted by: magiker (Jan 30, 2002 04:59PM)
I like the Philosophers Stone Idea. Very topical at the Moment
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Jan 30, 2002 10:05PM)
All these ideas are great, Unfortunately I haven't been able to work on it lately because it's been so busy here.

The effect is a bit involved & I don't have the time to give it the attention it needs.

Please do keep the suggestions coming,
I greatly appreciate the help. I will eventually get back to it & try some of these presentation suggestions out.

Thank you all :devilish:
Message: Posted by: vovin (Feb 11, 2002 01:18AM)
I just bought the trick and spent today working on it. there are many variables in the trick and it is very involved but it is also a very nice trick. I am not sure exactly how I could use it in my routine because the glass of water needs to be prepared and it's not something you could do on the fly. I think the only place you could actually use this is at home or a restaurant.
Message: Posted by: mghia (Apr 20, 2005 12:37PM)
While there is some prep, you can carry what you need in your shirt pocket and set the water in front of them. See the instructions for more detail or email me.
Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 20, 2005 04:18PM)
The Sepher Yetzirah comes to mind, yup it sure does! I would treat this like a creation type of effect in Kabbalistic way.
Message: Posted by: Osiris (Apr 21, 2005 09:30AM)
I've used this effect in my "Seance" styled programs for years as part of the "Cleansing" ritual e.g. I pass around the crystal goblet with blessed water for all to take a sip (very "Sacrement" like ritual) so they all know things are on the up and up. I then do all the balancing, etc and ask the group to focus all their anger, negative thoughts, stress, etc. into the goblet... voila! The crystal appears! True to my shamanic background (I'm not kidding!) we take the crystal, wrap it in a fresh leaf of tobacco and quite literally return it to the earth via a small box filled with dirt which, I explain, will be buried in a place where it can do no harm.

This effect, presented in the manner I'm suggesting, really messes with people's minds. If I'm not mistaken I outlined my handling of this and some of the related bits I used to do at The Magic Bunny's TOP HAT eZine a few months ago, you may wish to check it out.
Message: Posted by: ptbeast (Apr 21, 2005 01:35PM)
Since this thread has been brought back to life, I thought it might
be useful to post the new web address for Kymystical...

Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 9, 2014 02:54AM)
Philosopher's stone?