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Topic: Hi @all from Germany
Message: Posted by: dan parker (Dec 5, 2005 07:23AM)
My name is Dan, I am in hypnotism since 5 years, and I am in cold reading since 2.

I live in the south of Germany, in Stuttgart.

I hope you excuse my bad english, but I try my best.

So, thanks to all

dan parker
Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (Dec 5, 2005 02:19PM)
Welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: magicguy67 (Dec 5, 2005 03:51PM)
Yo germany is awesoem.Have fun.
Message: Posted by: calamari (Dec 5, 2005 04:51PM)
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Dec 7, 2005 09:43AM)
Hello Dan:

I wish I'd known that you were in Stuttgart. I was there in July for just one day. It would have been nice to run into another magician.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Dec 7, 2005 09:58AM)
Willkommen, Dan!

You're English is much better than my German; so don't worry. You'll find several other magicians from your part of the world. Pull up a chair and look around. There's magic (hypnotism and cold reading) around and good friends to be made.
Message: Posted by: Foucault (Dec 8, 2005 06:57AM)
You've come at a good time, Dan - a separate Hypnotism forum has just recently been added here. Welcome to the Café!
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Dec 10, 2005 08:44AM)
Hi Dan,
Welcome to the best place about magic ever.You will find this as a invaluable source that you can not buy even with money. The people are so friendly as well as being helpful.The Café is such a the unique place for Magic. It is ever expanding and has over 22.000 members throughout the world. It will make a great contribution to your magic perspective. Do not forget to post often. You will find many new friends and many new ideas here. I predict you will like the Café.Please grab a chair and begin to type your next post while you have a cup of strong Turkish coffee on my bill.
Message: Posted by: markiquark (Dec 10, 2005 08:02PM)
Hallo Dan, Gruesse aus Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Viel Spass und wenn Du was ins Englische uebersetzt brauchst, meld Dich bei mir. (Private Message, hast bestimmt schon raus gefunden wie das funktioniert, oben aus PM klicken). Gruss Markiquark
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Dec 11, 2005 01:32AM)
I hope to see your posts soon!


Paolo Venturini
Message: Posted by: dan parker (Dec 17, 2005 05:29AM)
Thanks @all for the friendly welcome!

@Bill: If youre the next time in Germany, it is a pleasure for me to meet you!

@markiquark: Viele Grüße nach Mexiko!

@Tora: I like turkish coffee, I spent my last Holidays in Bodrum!