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Topic: bouncy castles for Christ
Message: Posted by: blendobagg (Nov 11, 2002 05:53PM)
Greetings fellow Christians and God-fearing magicians everywhere.

I am wondering if anyone here has a magical effect for children with a bouncy castle.
Whenever I perform for children at outdoor functions, there is inevitably a bouncy castle which the little children play on. It occured to me that if I could perform a magic trick with this, and use some sort of storyline concerning Christ, then this would be a memorable part of the show and would serve as a reminder for them anytime they played on a bouncy castle in the future.

Perhaps part of the trick could involve having the children bounce as high as they can and then explaining that Christ rose much higher than them. But where could a trick fit in? Does anyone have any ideas on this? I would appreciate hearing from anybody!
Message: Posted by: jacob boehme (Nov 12, 2002 09:33AM)
This is my first post here. Can I just say what a great opportunity this forum is to share thoughts with our friends in magic, and, of course, our friends in Christ. :)

I think that a good plot would be to vanish the bouncy castle to show that no matter how big your house here on Earth, it is your place in the kingdom of heaven which matters. But it might be difficult to vanish the bouncy castle which is not easy, even for Copperfield.