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Topic: Peter Wardell Crowdpuller DVD set
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Dec 5, 2005 10:28AM)
I've placed this note on The Sidewalk Shuffle page in answer to a question, but think it will also be of interest here too;

"Crowdpuller" is a brand new 2 DVD set starring Peter Wardell, who some of you may have seen at the Magic
Circle Celebrations in the summer. I think he has tipped all the info there is to know about performing real street magic on these DVD's. Not only does he reveal all of his act, including his trademark Cups
and Balls plus his knotted silk routine, but also he gives some fabulous advice on using his techniques for working tradeshows. The DVD's feature Peter performing live at Covent Garden, The South Bank and at a major trade show event at the NEC. This plus studio footage for all the explanations make for a unique look into the world of a great magical talent.

Message: Posted by: Sooty (Dec 5, 2005 03:11PM)
Can't believe Peter has tipped so much of his work. He even goes into how the process works for getting the best pitch position.

He's basically selling you a career for forty quid.

The DVD is one of the best releases this year. Even if you don't do perform on the street/trade shows you will learn a lot from the DVD. Peter is a trained actor and it shows in terms of his audience management techniques.

Although he doesn't do it on the DVD Peter also does one of the best Shadow Coins I've ever seen.
Message: Posted by: ninjaduffy (Dec 6, 2005 04:08AM)
Any more reveiws or news on this dvd?
Message: Posted by: CALENIG (Dec 6, 2005 05:08AM)
Any one have the dvd yet?
Message: Posted by: Wizard291 (Dec 7, 2005 06:32PM)
Early days - just grabbed a copy and watching the first DVD (of two).

Superb. Won't say that am a close friend of Pete but have worked alongside him at a handful of corporate whatnots.

With that in mind - it's a mighty powerful DVD. As have just written to him - it's brilliant to finally see someone in front of an audience. Not an L&L audience (no disrespect) but an initially stone-cold audience of passers by - within minutes Pete builds up dozens of people around him and then adds to that as his routine builds. The routines themselves (explained in detail) are cornerstone pieces - most are traditional effects (card to mouth, cards to pocket, coins through table, his masterful Cups and Balls, Slydini silks, C&R rope) and adapted perfectly for a street-setting.

Again - haven't watched in depth but will follow-up with a more indepth review in the coming days. VERY positive initial thoughts.

Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Dec 8, 2005 12:40AM)
I like it.

If I didn't already have a cups routine, this would be a great one to look into.
I bought it becuase I'm interested in the idea of busking and am always looking for ideas. I also am looking for ideas for the knotted silks and I got a few from his DVD.

The only part I didn't seem to go for was his crowd building technique of basically yelling as he performed. It seemed to work over time but it did not sit well with me. Again, I'm not a busker making a living on the street so don't listen to me, but it seems there would be better ways to build a crowd than shouting as you perform.

Lots of material on the DVD. It's a keeper I think. Especially for the newbie busker.

I still prefer Cellini Art of... #1.
Message: Posted by: Wizard291 (Dec 8, 2005 10:50AM)
<<Copied from my review on another site>>

[b]Name:[/b] CROWDPULLER by Pete Wardell.

[b]Author:[/b] Pete Wardell, produced by RSVP Magic.

[b]Price:[/b] £39.99 incl. delivery.

[b]Publisher:[/b] [url=http://www.rsvpmagic.com/magic_dvd_crowdpuller.htm]RSVPMagic.com[/url]

[b]Date:[/b] Available now; released December 2005.

[b]Pages/Length:[/b] Over 3 hours, spread across 2 DVDs.

[b]Difficulty:[/b] 4/10-8/10 (Moves, gags, presentation, confidence…)

[b]Out of 10:[/b] 10.

[b][u]Contents & Publisher Schpeel[/u][/b]

[i]"The street is where it all began both historically and personally. I've spent over fifteen years making a living performing magic to crowds that didn't know they were going to be a crowd. Providing the unexpected to the unsuspecting. Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage' and if the police don't stop you then that's pretty much true. No matter where in the world I've been, and I've been around, no matter what language the people speak, the magic works" - PETER WARDELL

- Behind the scenes - A exclusive look into the world of street performing filmed around Covent Garden and the South Bank in London.
- Getting a Crowd - Learn the real secrets of building a crowd and apply these techniques to your magic.
- The Pre-Show - Watch and learn from a true master as the techniques are put into action!
- The Magic - Explained in detail for the first time... Peter's entire pre-show performance! Featuring his versions of The C&R Rope, Coins thru table, Ambitious Card and The Peter Wardell Coin Load (Revealed for the first time).
- The Knotted Silks - One of Peter's featured routines and worth the price of the entire DVD set!
- Bonus Pickpocketing Techniques - A masterclass in boldness and technique.
- The Cups and Balls - Peter's trademark routine featured on DVD for the first time! First watch the complete routine in a live performance from the home of street theater, Covent Garden in London. Learn the correct props to use and where to get them! The complete routine revealed in intricate detail - nothing is held back! The One-Cup Variation - A fantastic seldom seen move!
- Trade Show Work - Learn how to apply the techniques taught on these DVD's into your next corporate event or trade show.

[b][u]Comments - The Chap[/u][/b]

Attempts will be made to keep the following comments as impartial as possible; I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pete a handful of times and obtained this copy last week (paid for) from RSVPMagic. From the austere levels of the meandering beginner, to the more advanced-level working man – one could wager a hard bet any Magi would learn (most a HUGE deal) from this DVD set. As stated above; Pete’s been working the streets for 15 years – internationally he’s worked in the US, the Far-East and Asia. As a corporate Magician he’s worked in the UK for some of the top business boys around, and to add the final credibility for the gold-lovers; Pete snatched first place at the International Magic Competition 2001, up against such top-notch names as R.Paul Wilson, Bob Kohler, John Carney, Aaron Fisher and Andy Nyman.

[b]Aka – the chap knows his chops. [/b]

Earlier this year Pete was debuting his one-man show “Hustle” in London; a demonstration-performance of the hustles we experience day-to-day, a lecture-demonstration in card-table artifice, and a splattering of his regular pieces. A DVD is forthcoming.

Pete also does the best shadow coins you’re ever likely to see in this life or the next.


[b][u]Comments - The DVD[/u][/b]

So what of this masterpiece? In truth, impartiality cast aside like a dolphin in the wake of a tanker; I loved it. Two words bounced back and forth whilst watching it for me; the former being “brutal” and the latter being “honesty”. Pete is hugely modest in his aptitudes, his charm and his comedic capabilities.

[b][u]First DVD Deals with:[/b][/u]
- An [u]introduction [/u]from the man himself, a little face-to-face chit chat and light verbal foreplay before the frivolties begin.
- A lovely little [u]montage [/u]section of Covent Garden; not quite peak season since Pete took the decision to film whilst the Edinburgh Fringe festival was full-throttling in Scotland. 7.15am too – full credit.
- The [u]Draw[/u]; the inaugural process of the performers deciding who does their proverbial ‘thang where and when. Plucking billets from a chaps cap it’s an age-old part of busking and well worth watching if you don’t know about the process.
- [u]Getting a Crowd[/u]; for anyone who works in groups larger than a half-dozen this is one of the real gems of the project; tips on who to choose, why to choose them, what people would stop and watch and why they might just turn and walk away.
- [u]PreShow Magic[/u]; pieces not part of the “Routine” but that will get a crowd gathering around you to a size large enough to work with. Standard routines (C&R rope, Coins Thru Table … ) but well adapted and worked to the street setting. One watches the entire warm-up phase, from Pete setting up table in an empty square, to him commencing his routine with forty or fifty people around him (that builds throughout to well over a hundred).
- [u]The Knotted Silks[/u]; Pete was personally taught this routine by the master of streets Cellini, who was himself taught by Slydini himself; the quality of instruction and the depth of experience is obvious; Pete also works a perfectly-covered watch steal into his version.
- [u]Final words[/u]; a brief insight from Pete with final tips on how to approach street performing, the mindset of a performer, and a final instruction never to work on his pitch. Ever.

[b][u]Second DVD Deals with:[/b][/u]
- [u]Pete’s Cups and Balls routine[/u]; a mezcla of Ammar’s routine, Vernon’s routine, Gazzo touches hither and thither, and the final BOOTER of a melon underneath his hat, along with x4 final loads. His performance stretches for approx. 15 minutes (from memory) and is peppered with asides, audience-gags and involvement. A priceless touch with a little kid and Pete’s waistcoat – you have to buy it to see it. (Or watch the demo on RSVPMagic.com … ) This is Pete’s self-confessed cornerstone of his work today, it’s a routine of great beauty and ticks EVERY box required for the man on the street (or any large-scale performance). He quite rightly states that the number of people that would stop for a pasteboard-effect and the number of people that would stop and watch 3 old-age cups with 3 curious little baseballs are very different things. Just sitting on the table people stop to watch; again another golden touch from Pete – he gets the cups out and will then do his entire AC routine (finishing with card into mouth) before starting with the Cups.
- The [u]explanation [/u]is just as thorough as the effects and routines in the first DVD – MORE than enough covered. He starts with his props, the placements, where to obtain them, why he uses them as he does, how he began and why the routine’s evolved as it has. Explanations are concise and in extreme detail; he explains every nuance and metaphysical cranny, and then goes on to detail other non-performed tips and variations.
- [u]TRADE SHOW WORK;[/u] Much of Pete’s current-day work is from Trade Shows and as something of a bonus to the DVD Pete has included a lengthy reel of him working the people at an IKyP stand, his interactions with people passing by, as well as an interview with the MD of the company detailing the advantages of using a Magician.
[b][u]Final Thoughts[/b][/u]
Niggling demons tell me I’ve omitted details from the set, and in truth I’ve only had time to watch it all once, (with re-watches of certain moments), what is sure is that there are several more rewatches and re-re-watches to come; there’s simply too much and too many to ingest, digest and outwardly-utilise from one glimpse. Pete has experience; in a day when bedroom webcams are now dominating the Magic markets with nippers rushing through their 63-packet Sybil variation, it’s a cold-water refreshment to see a man of such talent putting such vast quantities of top-quality material into a project.

As stated – there’s material here for EVERYONE; there’s a ton of live footage of him on the streets (again, refreshing to watch someone performing a) Live to an audience and b) not to a happy-gas L&L audience (no disrespect)) and for the price there’s little or nothing on the market, in this arena that offers as much across such a spectrum.

Much like the Malone DVD-set – even if you’re not looking for material you’re guaranteed to find ideas, gags and lines – AND you get to watch again and again one of the UK’s top street-names doing what he does best; pulling in the Crowds.

[url=http://www.rsvpmagic.com/magic_dvd_crowdpuller.htm]DVD Trailer on RSVP Website[/url]

Best wishes - questions PM or email.
Message: Posted by: Bob Kohler (Dec 8, 2005 01:50PM)
Just for the record, I didn't participate in the 2001 Internation Magic Competition. I was a hired performer for close up and lecture.
Message: Posted by: russ brown (Dec 12, 2005 06:20PM)
Just received this dvd this morning, been buying magic videos and dvds for years and haven't seen as good a quality as this for the way it is filmed and material. Does anyone know if there are any more dvds like this in the pipeline.
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 12, 2005 06:46PM)
Some people like the cellini stuff? not me but some people
Message: Posted by: russ stevens (Dec 13, 2005 09:47AM)
In answer to Russ Brown's question:

Peter Wardell will be releasing a brand new DVD project at the beginning of 2006. Entitled "Hustle", it features Peter's live show and was recently filmed at a London theatre. As mentioned in another post "This is a performance of the hustles we experience day-to-day, a demonstration in card-table artifice, and a splattering of his regular pieces".

I'm glad that you liked the DVD's!
Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Dec 21, 2005 03:14AM)
Have got be honest, I bought this because of the title and advertising that went with it, "Crowd Puller", I'm interested in how to pull together a crowd or to gel together a group of people to watch so to speak, and I think I/We was sold down the swanie, don't get me wrong, the magic Peter doe's is good, nay exellent most of the time, but that wasn't what I bought it for, have plenty of magic.....

Let me explain, I really do think £40 is a bit over priced just to watch someone go to a place where people "expect" to see street performers, and shout very loudly "I'm building a crowd" whilst banging a stick on the table....this is how to build a crowd?, surly anyone could do that?, is this is really the BIG secret?....

I wonder if they would have been better if they had filmed Peter in a shopping parade elsewhere, you know away from what must be the easiest place in the country, to show us that the shouting and banging would build the same size crowd and fill the hat......? Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it wouldn't work, I really don't know, but it would have conviced me more that this was the Real work on crowd building....as is I not sure this is.

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 25, 2005 05:23PM)
For the record I don’t know Peter and I have never met him.
Guess what I found under my Christmas tree, Peter Wardell, ok on DVD.

I really do think this is an excellent DVD.

I have worked Covent Garden and I can tell you, this is no walk in the Park. He was working this show honestly; he had a slow crowd build as well. This marks him out as a well seasoned pro. There can be a massive disadvantage to working an established pitch which is a lack of curiosity or the greater need to create it.
Truth I can pull a crowd in shopping parade in a much shorter time buy passing wind but so could a drunk. In un-established pitches curiosity is much easer to establish. In established pitches yes one right to say people "expect" to see street performers. This does not make it easer in Covent Garden; (unlike other pitches/festivals I have performed at around the world) they judge and choose which performers they are going to watch. This is partly an educated crowd and they know there are ten performers in your flank they can watch instead. He worked dam hard to pull that crowd if you think it was just banging and yelling watch again.

I think it was good that he was not teaching folk to act like him. Which makes this a DVD I would highly recommend to newcomers and pros alike.

£40 as far as the magic world or busking goes that will be a wise investment.

Hat of to you Pete well done.
Message: Posted by: Brandmagic (Dec 26, 2005 01:13PM)

In response to Dave I would say that Covent Garden is probably one of the hardest pitches in the world. The reason I'm shouting is to be heard, not to get a crowd. I don't use amplification and that particular pitch is a big open space and it is the first show of the day, so they are not waiting for me. "I'm building a crowd" is, well, FUNNY, to an audience who quite frankly are not expecting a show (maybe 20 % are), and it keeps them there instead of them thinking 'GET ON WITH IT". I've involved them by letting them in on the mechanics of what I'm doing. If you want the real secret to getting a crowd without shouting, (shhhh don't tell anyone), play some loud music and set your props up - instant crowd. Just be prepared to watch them leave when the music stops and you have nothing to say and you're not going to juggle a chainsaw or ride a 10foot unicycle. I appreciate the comments keep them coming. Pete
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 26, 2005 02:25PM)
Pete, the dvd was great...opne of my favorites and I know a little about dvd's
hope you liked the Slydini
Message: Posted by: Brandmagic (Dec 26, 2005 05:26PM)
Kozmo, I thought "As I recall.." was/were excellent. I have a Trade Show in Feb for guess who? Georgia Pacific, they make napkins. That's got to be fate! Any one who wants to understand how misdirection works needs "As I recall...". Just the archive footage of Slydini would have been good enough for me. If you see Jim Hello. Pete
Message: Posted by: Brandmagic (Dec 26, 2005 05:27PM)
I meant : If you see Jim SAY Hello
Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 26, 2005 05:41PM)
Pete...just watched your dvds again....really good man!
pete, invite me to england?.....i would love to come and take the tourists money!...haven't been there before but it looks like fun....actually I liked the other pitch, not covent ...it looked better for me..sometrees, shade...tons of walker bys...is it busy everyday?

hey man, if I talk to him I will tell him hey from you
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 27, 2005 06:57AM)
Pete there I must disagree with you Covent Garden being the hardest pitch.
My visit there was a short lived one but my hats where fat. I think every one was at 2004 Glastonbury Festavel so there was only a few there. My licience has long sinced expiered and we are not moving to London at the time we were exploring this as an opption.
What works for one does not work for another, that is the bottom line.
If I am to work uncharted pitch and get a fat hat that is hard work.
I can pull crowds in most citys I go to, but making them pay is hard work.
Message: Posted by: Brandmagic (Dec 27, 2005 10:54AM)
I suppose you're right. CG in peak season is a good paying pitch. It is a tough pitch with regards to size, filling the space with a cups show isn't easy. Some people play to the side, I play it dead centre and aim for a crowd a juggler would be proud of, (and failed many times, even in peak season). You said it yourself if you're in a long line of performers and the crowd can choose then it's tough. That's why I alway go first if I can, or last to get the drunks. CG is an all year round pitch, and unless you can do a slow build in the quiet times then you're in trouble, why do you think we filmed the dvd in August! So 70% of the time it's a tough pitch. Good job with the hats, I'd like to see you work sometime. Pete
Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Dec 27, 2005 11:09AM)
Hi Pete,

thanks for your response, but as I said, I bought the dvd for the "real work" of building a crowd,(to help with other performance venues....not the street) and although what you did pulled a crowd, the price was a tad high, to see you perform (not crowd build)was well worth the money, but again, this is not what the dvd was marketed for, and I was hoping for something a little more subtle, banging the stick mate, just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.

And not to be a pain, but the opening talk did say that people come from all over the see the street acts at Covent Garden.........so again, it may have been better to see you use the same tecnique where you would not normally see street acts...don't you think?

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 27, 2005 11:32AM)
Lol...come on $70 too high ********!
magic is too cheap ...everyone wants it for nothing... if there is something that I could use in my show I would willingly pay 10 times the $70
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 27, 2005 11:47AM)
Hear is a clip of me, watch out for the final load.
You can watch up to date ones on my website hear is another one.
Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Dec 27, 2005 02:12PM)
Lol...come on $70 too high ********!
magic is too cheap ...everyone wants it for nothing... if there is something that I could use in my show I would willingly pay 10 times the $70

With due respect Ted, the dvd wasn't marketed as adding something new to your act, but on how to build a crowd to perform your act to......and apply those tecniques to diffrent performing arenas.

As I said in other posts, the magic Pete performs is great, no-problems there (for me) at all, BUT, that wasn't what I bought it for AND that wasn't what it was marketed as/for.......

So IMHO, $70,£40, yes a tad too much for banging a stick..........no art, no subtlty, just banging a stick.......and lots of shouting, I think, no hope there are real secrets to building a crowd (from street performing)that can be used in other performing arenas, I just don't think they are on this dvd....IMHO.

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 27, 2005 09:09PM)
I'm a pro busker( I feed my family from working the streets) and I can tell you that you build an audience using your voice...and the things that make them stop is your voice and if you are saying something that is interesting enough to keep them there you have built a crowd..
the best way to learn how to use your mouth is to watch others doing this....and by doing it yourself....heres the thing you might notice about what pete is doing...hes taking his time...and they are not running away....it may sound to you as shouting but I can tell you that they have to hear you!...so sometimes your voice is raised...the tone of your voice is what often seperates shouting from talking loudly...the inflection of your voice but I have a similar problem that pete has, when I'm recorded my voice sounds a little harsh although its really just me talking loudly

now, taking your time at covent gardens might work better there than taking your teme someplace else...like on s sidewalk doing a small show where there isn;t the build....i don't know if you have ever worked the streets?....no disrespect here but if you haven't I think that after you go out and work them a few times you will go back and review peters work and you might just look at it differently

you certainly have your right to your opinion (no disrepect intended)but I beleive there are some good messages there....

good luck with this dvd set and your work and I hope you hit the bricks and get the big hates...

Message: Posted by: Kozmo (Dec 27, 2005 09:12PM)
Another good source for street perfroming would be cellinis art of street performing part one...you can see some pros do it on that....

pete , I think very highly of your work as stated before

Message: Posted by: magickdabid--uk (Dec 28, 2005 02:04AM)

PM'd you.........

Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Dec 28, 2005 05:41AM)
I think I can see the point you are trying to make. If you wanted step by step on technique of how to on crowd pulling then this covers only one technique.
Far from just banning and yelling (you do need a lungs full to work CG) Peter is using one of the hardest technique of all, any seasoned busker will recognize. I would have no doubt that Pete would have started of like most (correct me if I am wrong). Using rope or chalk to mark out your pitch drawing folk to that rope. Then getting folk to clap cheaer in order to build a crowd before you have done any thing, so on so forth.
I get the distinct impression that your not a busker all have had little experience.
You see Pete technique is one of the most advanced to develop it is minimal, folk only clap when he has done some thing. He does not pre educate them to make noise he does that for them. This is hard and I suspect it comes from a foundation of laying out rope and pre-clapping. The advantage of this technique is that it is ideal for door way shows as we sore. You will see Gazzo and Cellini doing just this and in recent years I have been using this technique. Cellini would teach Sound, Color and Movement. Gazzo would draw them in close to himself and then as the crowd grew push them out. That is my preferred technique and exactly what I did in CG. One thing is for sure this old technique belongs to Magicians and not juggerlers.
Message: Posted by: IanKendall (Dec 28, 2005 08:14AM)
I can't remember when I first met Pete - I think it was when I was still street performing, but not long before I moved indoors - but I'd like to share a wee story. Several years ago Pete and I were working a Crimbo preshow at a comedy club in London. In the hour or so before we started we were chatting away and showing off, as magicians are wont to do. He showed me a coin routine which, when I saw it, was absolutely beautiful in its construction; everything had a reason, the mechanics were flawless and the final move reset everything back to its starting position. Although I cannot remember the routine in its entirety, I will never forget the realisation that here was a performer who thought about his magic so much.

To quote Mike Close; when a professional performer tips the work he uses to make his living, I sit up and listen.

Take care, Ian
Message: Posted by: Brandmagic (Dec 28, 2005 02:47PM)
Thanks Ian, I think we first met in Edinburgh about 12 years ago, when the Mile was pavement shows only. I wish I could remember the coin routine myself.
DAVE - I understand what you're saying about the crowd build on the DVD, but if you break it down you'll see the following: (1) I start close to my front edge and pull back while I'm "shouting", this helps set a bigger edge (2) I use a kid to help establish my starting edge - doesn't sound much but it's gold, (3) I tell them what I'm doing, gets a laugh, gets a crowd (4) I walk and talk to passers-by , but keep talking to the crowd I have, (5) once I have a starting edge I bring the cups out early, and let them know the best is yet to come, the best tip I can give, (6) I overlap the routines in the body of the show so that there's no "gaps" they can leave in, (7)and yes I use the "thumper" and project my voice (I'm wired up for the filming). I think I talk about other styles of crowdbuilding, using the coins across to establish the front edge, start small pull back, I mention Dante - great one coin build etc. It's all on there.

I'll tell you a Cellini story that UK magician Dave Brown told me. Cellini was on James steet in Covent Garden with Dave and they were talking about crowd building. Cellini took out a silver dollar and rolled it across his fingers smiling to the people, no-one stopped. He took out another, one on each hand, no-one. Then another and another etc, eventually 3 coins on each hand, the people kept walking. Then he put the coins away, took out his stick, banged it on the table, shouted "Magic Show!!" - guess what, SHOWTIME.
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Dec 30, 2005 11:53AM)
Just got Pete's DVD set. Awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed both discs. I didn't see where he left out anything. You definitely get your money's worth. Even if you're not interested in Street Performing, it's a top choice for stand-up and close-up performers to take note. My wife had a great time watching the performances also.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jan 24, 2006 05:38PM)
Top class
I now stock it, if I thought any less of it I whould not.
http://www.fathatmagic.com this dvd will come with a free gift ltd offer. The postage will be charged at a local rate.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jan 26, 2006 12:04PM)
On 2005-12-27 15:12, magickdabid--uk wrote:

So IMHO, $70,£40, yes a tad too much for banging a stick..........no art, no subtlty, just banging a stick.......and lots of shouting, I think, no hope there are real secrets to building a crowd (from street performing)that can be used in other performing arenas, I just don't think they are on this dvd....IMHO.


If that is all you saw you need to watch it again. Peter builds that crowd literally body by body. It took a set of titanium balls to put a slow build on that DVD in my opinion. Mostly because people who have no point of reference would only see what you did even though his voice over explains exactly how he is constructing that crowd.

He bangs a stick and yells to get their attention. And you are right any idiot can go out on the street and yell and bang a stick. They will not be able to build a crowd.

What you are missing is the placement and the interaction with *** near every single spectator in that front edge. Once he has there attention he connects. he walks over and shakes a lady's hand. He directs a dad and family over by the bin. He jokes and ad libs with every single person that looks his way. He creates interest. He then pulls a girl up on stage and says the most important thing, "I am going to show you (the little girl) a trick. At the end of that trick if we have a crowd I will do a show. If I do not, you will have seen a cool trick." It's a win-win.

Peter Wardell in my opinion is real worker and an honest to God busker. He built them out of nothing. At 11:30 in the morning it is hot and the punters are thinking about an iced mocha late and a plate of chips. They are not there to see the magic man do the cups and balls. Take it from a guy who has done it, what you saw done by Peter on that DVD was high art. It is an audience of strangers who did not know they wanted to see a show 2 seconds before he educated them.

Then once he had them he made them his audience. Watch for that too. You can almost feel the point where they go from being a mob to being a crowd, his crowd.

All of that is the same when working a trade show.

His performance on that DVD is by far the most honest representation of a modern street magician working. He showed it all from soup to nuts.

I can understand how you came to your understanding of the yelling. He is yelling, he is working a huge open pitch with no mic. If he was working with a mic it would have been much easier for you to see the forest through the trees as not only would his voice be lower in volume but it would have also changed the tone and the timbre of the delivery. Sitting in your living room watching the DVD the first thing that jumps into your mind is, "Why the hell is this madman screaming?". :) It would have seemed quite normal if you were standing in the crowd on the pitch.

Get past the yelling and watch it again looking for some of the things I have pointed out. Really, if you turned the volume down you could see it happening. This is strong stuff and really worth every quid. I just watched the set again last night and in my opinion ( a full time working pro and seasonal full time street performer)This 2 DVD set is under-priced.

Don't even get me started on the silk routine! :)

I really do understand how you came to your original opinion and am not knocking you for it. In your situation I might have thought the same thing. The man has a voice that could carry a piano up a staircase. :) It makes it hard not to be distracted by it when it is in your living room.


Message: Posted by: Heygeno (Apr 25, 2006 07:41PM)
Any idea when Hustle will be available from U.S. dealers. It's listed on Alakazam web site.

Message: Posted by: simon hughes (Apr 25, 2006 10:42PM)
I am a fan of peter wardell so I may well invest in this.

Simon Hughes
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jun 13, 2006 11:54AM)
OK, I don’t know Mr. Wardell’s, in fact, as he states right up front I “never heard of him” before! But after watching this DVD set I know him to be a competent and entertaining working magician. He’s good!

I bought the DVD set and paid full price for them (I usually wait for a few months after a release and buy a DVD or Tape for less than half price). Honestly, I believe that it is under priced! There is pure gold on this set!

Peter Wardell gives his take on the knotted silk routine (often called “Slydini Silks”). His version is a “worker “, fun and magical. Best of all he gives one of the clearest explanations of the trick I’ve seen (and I’ve seen Bill Malone’s and Tony Clark’s explanations). You’ll actually learn it from this DVD.

One surprise to me is that Peter gives credit to Charlie Edwards as an inspiration for his dissolving knots routine (from Charlie Edward's Dissolving Knots published in “Routine Manipulation Finale”). Now that is something seldom heard! Proper credit where credit is due!

This DVD also has one of the cleanest and most entertaining Cups and Balls routines I have seen in years. I consider his routine as being comparable to those of Vernon’s, Gazzo’s, Johnny Fox’s, and Frank Garcia’s (all of whom I have seen perform in person). It is clean, magical, and to the point. For a street routine it is truly the money trick!

In terms of gathering a crowd, Peter models a good job, even if he does not spell out step-by-step what he is doing. I clearly got it. I actually saw a couple of techniques/bits that I could use immediately (shamelessly using a kid to cause people to stop and watch! Gold! His idea of using two kids to hold the tabletop for a “coins through table” is another bit of brilliant thinking! It is another bit of pure gold.

I have a small library of books, tapes, and DVDs on street performing. This particular DVD reinforces everything that Jim Cellini teaches in his first volume of his (and Kosmo’s) “Art of Street Performing” series. It is well worth the money spent.

The main value to me was watching Peter Wardell work! It is clear that he knows what he is talking about from actual practice and performing under fire on the streets. I found the set good value for the price.
Message: Posted by: garyanimal (Jun 18, 2006 10:30AM)
He did quite well. Crowd building is all about talking for me. Shouting to in a big space. I do like gazzo's walk back style but it never worked for me. I prefer to talk and hardly ever do magic as a build. seems a waste to use what little I know at the start.
Message: Posted by: majik_1 (Sep 3, 2010 11:41AM)
Hi guys,
I'm wondering is this DVD set still available ?
Message: Posted by: Blindside785 (Sep 4, 2010 01:40PM)
Go to rsvpmagic.com