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Topic: Red cup/white cup?
Message: Posted by: stevehw (Nov 11, 2002 08:53PM)
When I am checking the new posts, indicated by the red cups, if I post a new message or reply to one, the red cups within each catagory change to white before I can finish checking the rest of the new posts.
Is there anything I can do to remedy this, or is it just the way it works?

Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Nov 12, 2002 01:59AM)
Hi Steve,

If you stay more than 10 minutes on a single page, the scripts that control the red and white cups will set all forums as read (white cups). This is just the way it's set up.
Message: Posted by: stevehw (Nov 12, 2002 02:06AM)
Thanks for the response Mary.