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Topic: a new rubber band trick?
Message: Posted by: ben creitz (Nov 12, 2002 10:20AM)
Hello, I think I just invented a good rubber band trick, but I'd like to see if it has been published before. A rubberband is stretched between left thumb and forefinger a la CMH. The right hand is shoved behind the band, trapping the right wrist. The band visibly penetrates the wrist. It makes a good addition to a CMH routine, and uses a different method than CMH and the variants that I've come across. It can also be used to pull a pack of cigs or a deck of cards through the band.

I know there are several rubberband wrist penetrations out there, but has anybody seen one like this? If so, let me know. Maybe we can PM over the details. I'm trying to figure out whether my method is truly original or not.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Nov 12, 2002 02:22PM)
I do some thing similar instead of using a persons wrist i use my finger . pm me I will explain