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Topic: Shocking device & Mindreading.
Message: Posted by: Chris Oberle (Dec 11, 2005 01:54AM)
Is there a device that you can buy where you can touch somebody with your fingertip and it shocks them? I have been into street magic for some years now and I want to bring it to the next level....Mindreading the only problem is I don't know where to start. I don't want to do the classic star, wavy line card mindreading. I learn how to do the pure mindreading. I was wondering if somebody could point me in a direction on where to start. Maybe a dvd or book will do.
Thank you so much
Message: Posted by: nucinud (Dec 11, 2005 08:33AM)
For mind reading there are many books and DVDs. Go the PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS forum for the best advice.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Dec 11, 2005 08:48AM)
Would you PLEASE define "pure mindreading", I hope it isn't what I think it is...
Message: Posted by: Memory-Jah (Dec 11, 2005 10:02AM)
Yeo, you are not in the correct forum. to your shocking thing: hocus pocus relased such a thing for quite a price. and yigal m. will offer a similar adice too. there is already a thread about it.
Message: Posted by: Shadowrunner (Dec 11, 2005 12:49PM)
Yes, Yigal Mesika has just released something commercial, though there are other ways of doing this. Luke Jermay has a similar ideas in his material which are suitable for mindreading effects. Worth a look, particularly if you are doing anything impromtu where you don't know if the spectator has a condition that an electric shock really wouldn't help...
Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Dec 11, 2005 04:17PM)
The next step of street magic is mindreading?!

Message: Posted by: jfkkraemer (Dec 11, 2005 11:28PM)
The two ideas on shocks from Yigal ang HP have been talked about before on the Café, do a search for them. The mind reading wouldn't be so next level me thinks but hey what do I know.

Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Dec 12, 2005 11:26AM)
"Shocking" would be the device you are looking for, check out hocus pocus website.
For the second part of your post where you wanna mind-read, listen my friend this is not street magic, if you are serious about it for God sake don't perform until you are familiar with the whole subject, and I don't think it will work as Street Magic, these are not card tricks anymore. If you want to start with Mentalism please browse the Café and you will find tons of answers to your questions in the "penny for your thoughts" forum.
Good luck in your search,
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Dec 12, 2005 02:14PM)
Check out Whit Haydn's book on Street Magic. He has a great mentalism piece in there for walk around work.
Message: Posted by: T-RAY (Dec 12, 2005 08:01PM)
Has anyone used "shocking"..... It sounds GREAT!
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Dec 12, 2005 10:25PM)
Dave VanVranken
I do not use mentalism for street magic there enough card routines and coins to keep me up for years, mentalism I leave for my shows.If I get stucked or bored I do anykind of tear or peek and it's just fab.
Shocking is like a dream come true, with the right presentation people will freak out, of course if you tell them you are made out of electricity it will be suspicious hehe. But amazing device. Earn money and get it, very recommended.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Dec 15, 2005 02:25PM)
Ok what is PURE MINDREADING I am still curious
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Dec 15, 2005 02:28PM)
You are in the worng section this same conversation is being debated in the "Tricks and Effects" Section... "Electric Touch" go give a read.