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Topic: Flicking Fingers
Message: Posted by: Eric Jones (Dec 22, 2005 07:15PM)
I'm told that the Flicking Fingers are going to be in New York in April. Any Idea when or where I can sign up?

Any help would be appreciated.....
Message: Posted by: annie williams (Dec 26, 2005 06:26AM)
The web site is

It looks like it will be a great time!

Message: Posted by: ScottLeavitt (Jan 9, 2006 07:50AM)
I'm planning on being there as well! Should be a wonderful weekend...and a nice sized/personal group as only 100 spots for the program. (and something tells me that we might be able to twist their arms into going out for some nice "beer tasting" in the Village or SoHo after Saturday night's show as well....)
Message: Posted by: annie williams (Jan 27, 2006 02:36PM)
Any suggestions for hotels (bed bug free)?