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Topic: Setting up the Folding Quarter
Message: Posted by: porkribs (Dec 29, 2005 08:08PM)
A friend just gave me a folding quarter with no instructions. How does one get a new rubber band around the quarter? The quarter is so big and the rubber band is so small...

Thank you!
Message: Posted by: David Bilan (Dec 29, 2005 09:19PM)
Stretch the rubber band, not the quarter.
Message: Posted by: porkribs (Dec 29, 2005 10:14PM)
The problem is that I can barely get one finger in the rubber band, much less two fingers to stretch it around the quarter and the quarter itself. And it seems like I'd need four hands to handle it properly - two to stretch the rubber band (which is INCREDIBLY tiny and only barely stretches to quarter size) and two to hold the halves of the quarters. Maybe it came with the wrong rubber bands? Or am I missing something here?
Message: Posted by: h4xor (Dec 30, 2005 10:35AM)
Isn't this trick is also called the haunted bill?
Message: Posted by: jayp (Dec 30, 2005 12:12PM)
No it isn't, its also known as the bitten and restored coin/bite out coin etc. etc. The haunted bill is the self folding bill.
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Dec 30, 2005 12:18PM)
Use the first part as an anchor to stretch it then get it around the second and then use the third to anchor and stretch to completion. Boom done.
Message: Posted by: porkribs (Dec 30, 2005 02:23PM)
Got it working. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Bardin (Dec 30, 2005 04:18PM)
I sometimes use long pointed tweezers (fat fingers ya know) to help fit it on and do what paisa23 explained to do.
Message: Posted by: porkribs (Jan 1, 2006 01:27AM)
Also excellent advice, Bardin. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Jan 4, 2006 06:44AM)
I never had to replace rubber bands. still works very well.
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Jan 4, 2006 03:16PM)
On 2006-01-04 07:44, Matt Malinas wrote:
I never had to replace rubber bands. still works very well.

[/quote]You will...sooner or later, alas nothing lasts forever! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: paisa23 (Jan 4, 2006 07:33PM)
On 2006-01-04 07:44, Matt Malinas wrote:
I never had to replace rubber bands. still works very well.


Is that a new coin? I find that Incredibly hard to believe. I know a lot of us that is the least of our problems. How many of you accidentally spent there Folding Coins?
Message: Posted by: NFox (Jan 4, 2006 07:52PM)
I almost spent a folding quarter. This was one of the first times I was glad that it didn't have the "most invisible seam." I as soon as I noticed, I put it back in my pocket, but had I not noticed the seam I would have spent it without a second thought.

On a slightly unrelated note: Many years ago, I was practicing Scotch and Soda in my bathroom (Becuase it was the only mirror I had access to), and wouldn't you know it; my Centavo/half dollar went right in the toilet, too far to retrieve. I had no choice but to let it go. :(

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: Magic2253711 (Jan 4, 2006 08:51PM)
To put the band on the quarter I usually start with the middle of the quarter (you know what I mean without exposing.) PM me if you don't.
Message: Posted by: TheAmazingSteveo (Jan 7, 2006 11:54PM)
I always put the rubber band on the middle piece of the quarter also. I found that older quarters tend to look better than the newer quarters.
Message: Posted by: Mercury52 (Jan 11, 2006 04:46PM)
I cannot believe I still have mine. I've had it for at least eight years, if not a little longer. That's the longest I've had any coin gimmick. I've probably had about 4 or 5 scotch and soda sets in the same time period, plus the ocassional other bit.

I rarely use the folding quarter though. Coin in Bottle just isn't for me, and I've never been a big fan of biting it and restoring it. Can someone change my mind for me?

Message: Posted by: Dmann (Jun 10, 2006 04:48PM)
Bite Coin Plus

Do you see the gimmicked coin?

Neither will your audience.

One of these coins is indeed gimmicked!

We did not edit this photo so you could get a perfect picture of our Proprietary Stealth Cut Technology. This state of the art technology forms a cut that is smaller and more precise than any other versions of this coin ever cut with a laser. Combine the finest coin ever made, along with the three sure fire, audience tested, tricks and you have one of the strongest close-up magic effects to hit the Magic Fraternity since the Sponge Balls. Wouldn’t you want the best gimmick available? This coin gets them every time. Thousands sold!

3 Coin Tricks In One!

Borrow a quarter from a spectator and perform any one of three miracles. It's the coin in the bottle. (A borrowed quarter is magically pushed into a coke bottle) It's a flipper coin. (three quarters are tossed in to your empty hand and one coin vanishes) It's even a biting coin. (Apparently take a bite out of the coin, teeth marks and all). Our favorite is to place three coins in the person's hand and make the coin disappear in front of their very eyes and in their hand! Simply the finest coin on the market. Includes one specially-machined quarter and instructions.

Our Price: $14.95
See if you can tell the difference

Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 11, 2006 01:10AM)
Looks pretty good there DMann. No crease or fold to be seen. This is what I didn't like about the one for $6.95.
Message: Posted by: JOHNSHEIBAL (Jun 12, 2006 09:33PM)
A person could find a lot of uses for a coin of that quality. coins accross etc...
Message: Posted by: monkeyguitar10 (Jun 15, 2006 02:51PM)
Yes there are many uses of a folding coin, you can put it through a bottle, and bite it, and blow it back it is well worth your money
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Jun 15, 2006 05:09PM)
I suggest getting instructions from your friend. It is fairly easy to do, but hard to explain. You have to get it around the MIDDLE part first, and then slide the sides through, and hook them on the elastic.
Like I said, very hard to explain.
Message: Posted by: Midwest_Magicians (Jun 15, 2006 07:16PM)
Just put one piece in at a time don't try to fit the whole quarter together in the rubberband it just won't work.
Message: Posted by: tbaer (Jun 15, 2006 07:51PM)
I'm not sure why the difference in bands, however, I have gotten some bands that are very easy to stretch over the whole quarter and I've had some bands that they are so tight it's hard to stretch it over part of the coin.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 19, 2006 12:01AM)
Our favorite is to place three coins in the person's hand and make the coin disappear in front of their very eyes and in their hand!

I never thought of that routine with the quarter that have noticeable seams. Very interesting.
Message: Posted by: mtso2000 (Jun 30, 2006 11:16AM)
I have had band so tight they break after a few uses
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Sep 23, 2006 01:09AM)
Precision quarter is really nice, looks just like the photo. Tempted to use as is instead of borrowing a spec quarter. Why run?