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Topic: Magic Sub-Trunk & Palanquin/Music
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Jan 1, 2006 07:55PM)
Does anyone know a good song I could use for a palanquin girl production? or metamophisis?

Thank you
Message: Posted by: BaseballMagic (Jan 2, 2006 01:03PM)
A great resource I have found for music for magic is Opus1 Productions. They compose special CDs for magicians that feature music tracks specifically thought out for illusion shows/individual illusions. All of their CDs have tracks on them that would work great for either of those illusions. Their website is http://www.opus1productions.com
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Jan 3, 2006 08:24AM)
Thank you baseball magic.... hey I saw an illusion that would be good for you. It's called the bat suspension kind of like the broom suspension but with a baseball bat.
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Jan 8, 2006 10:32AM)
Any one else have music suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Jared Sherlock (Jan 8, 2006 11:49AM)
It really all depends on what mood you are trying to set, and what story you are trying to tell. My assistant is a very talented dancer and we like to make everything interpretive. So we pick the music accordingly. But the first thing to do is to listen to all your own music and when you are doing so plan it out in your head and listen for ideas. I know it sounds weird but listen to the music and see if it dictates ideas and movement for you.

Message: Posted by: Frank Simpson (Jan 8, 2006 12:51PM)
Jared gives some excellent advice. Long ago I was "auditioning" music for the floating sphere, just listening to music I had in my collection already. I found something that I liked, but it was longer than I needed, but on further listening it suggested my levitating lady illusion as well. It ended up being "accidentally" perfect for a medley of both illusions.

It can work the other way as well. Many years ago I played Herr Drosselmeyer in [i]The Nutcracker[/i]. I was assigned several movements of music, and it was my responsibility to conceptualize and perform illusions accordingly. I began by listening to the music over and over and over, and let the music suggest to me what might be happening to it. I came up with ideas for everything from a dancing hank into a dancing broom, to zombie, stack of boxes, dollhouse and others, all inspired by Tchaikowsky's music. I was very pleased that in a ballet production my magic was as well-received as the dancing was!
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Jan 15, 2006 08:43AM)
Does any one else have music suggestions?