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Topic: Stuck at 288 posts
Message: Posted by: Ron Giesecke (Nov 15, 2002 12:56AM)
For some reason, my new posts, while extant, fail to augment my personal tally. I have posted at least 292 times, and yet I remain at 288 in apparrent perpetuity.

Another example is Glory Girl(currently at 1 post). She has posted twice, and only has cumulative credit for one.

How will I ever eclipse Scott Guinn?

--Ron (and presumably post # 288, ad nauseum)
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 15, 2002 02:31AM)
One of my tech people (Gene) inserted code to the scripts to prevent the members post count from increasing when posting in the [b]Our new arrivals[/b] forum, as well as the [b]I want to see the manager[/b] and the [b]Magic Café tech help[/b] forums.

New members will no longer be able to use these forums as a quick way to get their 50 posts required to enter [b]The Banquet Room[/b]. Now, nobody's posts to those forums will be counted. Hope this helps. :smoke: