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Topic: Pabular on Cd-ROM
Message: Posted by: DonB! (Jan 2, 2006 08:08PM)
I would love an opinion from anyone that has purchased Pabular on CD-ROM from Martin Breese, or anyone that had a subscription to it in the past, and what you thought of the magazine overall.

Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jan 29, 2006 09:37PM)
For what it's worth... I have only read a handful of issues but I pretty much liked what I saw. The few issues I have are from 1977 and feature, among others, some pretty cool material from a young(er) Gaeton Bloom, Mark Weston and Phil Wye. Each issue is about 16 pages, has 6 or 7 close-up effects (a nice mix of cards, coins, ropes, rings and dice), some book reviews, some editorial commentary and a few advertisements. I'm not sure that this would be at the top of my wish list given the availability of so many other terrific
e-collections (ie: Jinx, Hugard's M.M., Phoenix), not to mention the "must have" bound volumes of Apocalypse, but it does seem to have a nice balance of material. If you decide to buy it be sure to let us know how you like it.
Message: Posted by: Paul (Feb 7, 2006 06:55PM)
I subscribed to the early volumes and later purchased the CD. Good value, as most of the magazines on CD are. Do a search in the archives as this has been mentioned and recommended before.

The best value magazine on CD is probably The Jinx, but they are all great for reference and research.