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Topic: Michael Sibbernsen's Technicolor Sponge Balls
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 15, 2002 05:16AM)
For years magicians have used those little red balls to amuse and amaze spectators the world over. Why not, the balls are soft, cute, and a lot of fun to play with. Besides, I've yet to see a spectator (especially females) who do not react to sponge balls in nothing but a positive way. :nod:

My curiosity was peeked when Mr. Sibbernsen asked if I would check out his latest offering. The fact that several colored balls were being used was enough to say; "Yes!"
So I offer you, the reader, a peek at what I received. ;)

[b]Michael Sibbernsen's Technicolor Sponge Balls[/b]


[b]Effect:[/b] [i]The performer removes a red sponge ball from his pocket, places it on the table and magically saws it in half with his finger to create two sponge balls. The balls then proceed to vanish, multiply, change color, and then for a finale, they vanish altogether![/i]


Sponge balls are fun to play with, even if all you ever use them for are loads for your favorite Cups and Balls routine, or if you own a cat. Thankfully, the routine that Michael has put together will insure those little sponges will find a way into your regular set, and never need to see the inside of those cups, or feel the wrath of fury feet! ;)

Michael's [i]Technicolor Sponge Balls[/i] is a well constructed routine that not only involves the spectator on a personal level, but is a lot of fun to do.

While the various effects will seem pretty familiar, using old standards such as the [i]sawing a ball[/i] into [i]two[/i] balls, and playing the [i]one in the hand, two in the pocket[/i] game, the routine is thought out rather well, and I just love the idea of the balls changing color. Combine this with some of your other sponge ball moves and ideas, and you have some really exciting magic. For you table hoppers already doing sponge balls, the addition of Michaels ideas will be a welcomed breath of fresh air. :)

The trick is available as a complete package, which includes printed instructions, four 1 1/2" [i]Goshman Super Soft Ultra Bright Sponge Balls[/i] (2" balls available at [i]No[/i] extra cost) and a CD-Rom which holds an extra set of instructions and a 20 minute video showing all the moves and the complete routine. There is also a [i]Download[/i] version available, supply your own sponge balls.

When I received the complete package from Mike, the four balls appeared to be flat. Not to worry, they are sponge ya know! A quick trip to the kitchen sink, a little water, and presto! Good as new. :)

The printed instructions cover the basic ideas and moves, and for the advanced performer, that's probably all that is needed. However, for the beginner, the CD-Rom will prove to be invaluable, and I recommend any neophytes to give it a few viewings. :nod:

While this is not the greatest trick on earth, I do think it's not only good value for the money, but something that you can actually use in the [i]real world[/i] when performing for a lay audience, that is fun to do, and will keep your spectators entertained. After all, isn't that what magic is suppose to be about? Worth your consideration.

[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/3.gif[/img]

Suggested Retail:
Complete package $16.00 + $3.85 priority postage.
Download version $ 8.00 (Does not include balls or CD-Rom)
Available from Michael's website: [url=http://waterloomagic.com/TSB.html]Click here![/url]

You can also contact Mike directly at:

Checks or money orders (U.S. funds) can be mailed to:

[b]Michael Sibbernsen 1503 Hammond Ave Waterloo, Ia. 50702[/b]