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Topic: Taking the job!
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Jan 6, 2006 12:14PM)
I was doing a magic show for the Postman Christmas Party (the postmen bring their kids). I walked in and a childrens entertainer was on the stage. I thought that he was just going to do some games with the kids and some balloon modeling. "Who wants to see a magic show"? he shouted. The children cheered, so I thought that he was talking about me. I stood up and walked towards the stage. He pulled out a change bag! He was doing the show!
I was going to use things like Rocky Raccoon, Change Bag, juggling, The Vanishing Bandana ect. He used some of the same tricks! I could not go on stage, the company had double booked.
Magically Yours,
Message: Posted by: nucinud (Jan 6, 2006 01:58PM)
I hate that. I have gone on after a clown did some magic. I did not see his show, so I just did my thing. Afterwords, some kids came over to me and said the clown did some of the same tricks, but I did them better. Oh well.

Did you still get paid?
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Jan 6, 2006 02:57PM)
That happened to me once many years ago. I had taught a course in a "free university" on magic. A few months later, I got booked for a show, showed up to see one of the students from my class doing one of "MY" routines. Fortunately, I had props for more than one set, and was able to do a different show from the other performer. Really , booking two magicians is not a swift thing, unless it is some sort of magic review.
Message: Posted by: Payne (Jan 6, 2006 03:38PM)
Yet another reason not to rely on the "standards" of magic and if you do have presentations for them that no one else is doing
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Jan 7, 2006 06:25AM)
I was doing it for the practice really, not to be paid. I was my first 'real' stage show being only 11!
Magicaly Yours,
Message: Posted by: Paolo Venturini (Jan 16, 2006 07:47PM)
It's happened twice for me, and as usual I'm going to the venue with anticipation, I was the first in preparing and performing... It's not my fault, isn't it?

Paolo Venturini
Message: Posted by: Joe Russell (Jan 17, 2006 01:09PM)
I hate people
Message: Posted by: snap (Jan 17, 2006 05:12PM)
When I was younger, the same thing happened to me. I was hired to do a magic show for the kids. I was told that there was also going to be a clown there, but he was just going to do balloon animals and so on, no magic. well, he was a magician, no clown. unfortunately, I went first, and then he was called up. of coarse, our tricks overlapped. I guess he was told I was just going to do card tricks, which was not what I was told to do. looking back, I think it was a combination of my ignorance and not aquiring the number of the "clown" and calling him up to confirm, and the fact that the lady that booked us didn't understand the "magical world." if I ever have that situation agian, I would definitely do things differently. I think sometimes those who aren't magicians don't understand the importance of that kind of thing. but yeah, it still stinks.
Message: Posted by: Magicman8 (Jan 19, 2006 10:57AM)
The perfect solution would to be put together your own routines. I have not had that happen (yet) and I hope not to, I am sorry if I sound full of myself.

Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Jan 19, 2006 01:11PM)

Pretty tough call when your only 11!!!-Your first lesson in experience has now passed!!

Unfortunately this does happen -even to Pro Performers!

don't be afraid to not perform if too many of your effects have been shown by someone else!

Hopefully next time the organiser will ask the questions on your behalf that you ensure no other magic will be performed etc

Make a list of things to ask all people you are doing a show for-Time ,Date ,Type of crowd, Length of show & other performers etc

Keep doing as many shows as possible & you will learn from them all

Good Luck
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Jan 21, 2006 06:20AM)
Thanks Brent!
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Jan 26, 2006 11:02PM)
Many years ago, I get to a party in my clown suit, and at the same time another clown arrives ... the mother had purposely booked two (for a party with ten kids!)

How am I gonna do a magic show with someone else doing backflips and balloons in the same room?

Being a "take control" kinds guy, I went ahead and did my show and tried to keep the other guy firmly in place as an audience member ... later on I learned that the mom was displeased that the other clown didn't do anything, but ... hey, how many people can be "onstage" at once?

What the heck do some of these customers think about, anyway?
Message: Posted by: Stephen Williams (Feb 3, 2006 10:03AM)
2 clowns for 10 kids! What was she thinking!