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Topic: Neighbors
Message: Posted by: Magicmaven (Jan 7, 2006 01:32AM)
For the past month my neighbors have wanted me to do some magic for them. they are all into it and love it and remember when I was just a little kid and ... they've heard all these things about the magic and now they want to see it they are all excited. a couple days ago I had the time so I called them up to see if they wanted me to come over and just do a little bit. SURE they said, we are all excited we can't wait, come on over.

I come over with a deck and coins.

No expression.
No smile or laughs at jokes.
I am doing matrixes and they are just sitting there doing nothing. no chin drop, no gasps, no wide eyes--nothing!

I wrapped up as quickly as I could and got out of there after about 10 tricks.

they better have just told each other that they wanted a divorce or something because I think that is incredibly rude to be completely excited and ask someone to come over and all that stuff only to have no responce what so ever and do nothing.

some people when amazed by great magic are speechless. I understand that. but is obvious that they are and that they are amazed. these people were like zombies.

Very disappointing. I can understand if they didn't ask me to do magic, they didn't tell me they wanted to see magic, they weren't expecting magic or something like that but to lie and say "ooo I can't wait come over I really want to see this magic..!"

grown ups these days.
Sorry, 'needed to vent.
Message: Posted by: nucinud (Jan 15, 2006 10:11AM)
I would have stopped after the first trick getting no response.
Doing ten with that "audience" is torture.
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Jan 26, 2006 10:56PM)
"A magician is a guy who asks if you like card tricks, and when you say 'no' he does three or four."

Seriously, there must have been something unspoken going on - they would have been more gracious to say 'we'd love it, but this isn't a good time."
Message: Posted by: Stinkfist (Feb 10, 2006 07:43PM)
I did healed and sealed for my neighbor once. he couldn't believe it.
after the trick I set the can down on my car.he than said "ooohhhh...that's the can you switched in" he didn't make any sense at all. I still can't figure out why he came to that solution.