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Topic: Looking for information on Gus Juarze/Zicarte
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Jan 10, 2006 02:37AM)
I am looking for any information on a magician I new years ago but have lost all contact with. Gus Juarze/Zicarte (sorry about the spelling) He was out of Los Angeles. Just would like to see if he is still around.
Message: Posted by: David Charvet (Jan 25, 2006 04:14AM)
I remember seeing Zicarte and Melba in the 70's at several conventions. A classical act featuring cigarette manipulation - maybe one reason the act dropped out of sight as the "smoke free society" has changed the public's tastes (both literally and in entertainment!) Gus was a very charming guy on stage.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 25, 2006 11:28AM)
He passed away this last fall... sad...he was a great guy.
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Jan 28, 2006 01:58AM)
Wow. Late again. It seems like the people I knew back in the old days..(just a saying)are dieing. I knew Gus in a small way. I used to talk with him when I would help out at the SAM Hall of Fame in Hollywood. I saw him perform many times and thought his act was very polished. I saw it many times and still was entertained like a little kid. He was such a class act. I got out of magic for quite a while but have recently returned and am trying to find some of the people I knew from my past. Anyway thanks for the info from both of you David and Pete.

Message: Posted by: andrew martin (Jan 28, 2006 06:44AM)
Who was he? What did he do?
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Jan 30, 2006 07:18PM)
Sorry it took me a while to get back here to the Café'. Gus did a manipulation act. Cigarettes, silks, cards, doves, and a really good Aga levitation. He was a polished and dignified performer. Performed in Mexico a lot also. Was just a really nice quiet man. His act was billed as Zicarte y Melba. Hope that answered your question Andrew.

Message: Posted by: andrew martin (Jan 30, 2006 07:58PM)
Thank you Steven
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Aug 7, 2006 06:30PM)
Just wanted to add in case someone wants more info.

Zicarte was one of the first Mexican magicians that hit Los Angeles, he worked the conventions in the United States, the Magic Castle and corporate events. In Mexico he performed Command Performances for the President Of Mexico, as well as TV apperance on "Siempre En Domingo" which at the time was broadcast to millions of people and other international TV shows.

Until his passing he was involved with SAM Assembly 22 and attendend meetings regularly. He actually invented the self-opening dove bag with the small door hinge method (but he never marketed it), as well as other inventions and effects.

His Act was polished and to quote this thread "Gus did a manipulation act. Cigarettes,silks,cards,doves, and a really good Aga levitation".

The name "Zicarte" is a blend of cards (cartas in Spanish) and cigarettes (cigaros in Spanish).

Zicarte was a quite man but always helped people that need his knowledge. Many potentional magicians contacted him through the years for lessons and advice and some famed magicians were in contact with him in his retirement.

I owe him a lot since he was a great friend and one of my teachers.
Message: Posted by: Steven True (Aug 18, 2006 02:08AM)
I fully agree on him being a great and kind man. I work on many a bills with him at the SAM Hall of Fame and Magic Museum. The man was just pure magic to watch. I would stand off stage at the Museum and watch him do the dove vanish in to his tux tails and I still could not catch him doing the move. I knew him way back in the late 70's and very early 80's. Even though we were not close friends I will miss him.

Gothike, you are a very fortunate and lucky person to have know him closely and learned from him. I wish I had done things differently back then and would have learned from him. Well I have to say I did learn from him. I learned how to be a real performer and pro. Funny that he was a quiet man but the whole room lit up when he walked in. So many of my past friends are now gone or I have just lost total connection with any of them. Oh well I guess that just happens with age.