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Topic: What’s Cooking from Tony Clark Magic?
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Jan 17, 2006 10:23PM)
A New DVD by Tony Clark for only $19.95!

[b]West Coast Conjurers –Vol 1[/b]

[i]HOT NEW ONE HOUR DVD[/i] only [b]$19.95![/b]


Starring [b]Tony Clark, David Regal, Lou Serrano[/b] and [b]Alexander[/b].

With a special Guest Appearance by [b]Austin Brooks[/b].

This DVD is shot with Reality TV style in a Hollywood VIP clubroom for a [b]real[/b] audience. It has a cool vibe thanks to Music by Austin Brooks Productions.

You will learn:

[b]Tony Clark’s[/b] Impromptu [b]Knife thru Coat[/b]

You can do this mini-illusion anywhere anytime with anyone’s coat or jacket. This is one they’ll always talk about.

* See him perform his [i]Sly scarves, Physic Snake, Bottle Thru body[/i]

[b]David Regal’s[/b] mind boggling [b]Wild Card Routine[/b]

If you think you know how Wild Card Works, David will fool you bad with his handling of this classic routine. You’ll swear you’ve seen both sides of every card.

* See him perform his new [i]Disposable Deck[/i].

[b]Alexander’s[/b] flawless [b]Finger Ring on String[/b] with a powerhouse [b]Ring in Card Box Finale[/b].

*See him perform a beautiful version of the [b]Paul Harris Linking Cards[/b].

[b]Lou Serrano[/b] is one of the busiest strolling magicians in Los Angeles. He will teach you his rendition of the stunning [b]Card In Picture Frame with a great card force technique that is fool proof and undetectable[/b].

* See him perform his [i]Chop Cup Routine[/i] and [i]Torn, Burnt and Restored Tissue paper[/i].

*Watch [b]Austin Brooks[/b] perform his New “[b]Sign Off[/b]” Card effect.

In addition to the four great effects you’ll see and learn, you also get a chance to see how LA’s top professional magicians entertain an audience.

For this and more great Magic check out website:

[url=http://www.tonyclarkmagic.com/storefront/shop/]Tony Clark Magic[/url]