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Topic: School shows - best marketing route
Message: Posted by: hypn (Jan 18, 2006 11:43AM)
Hi Guys,

I have for the past 12 years made Stage Hypnosis my professional career. Every year I send letters to approx 500 schools. The letters contain a brief idea of who I am, what I do and how the school benefits.

Although the letters are new every year, I would be lucky if 10 schools phone. I have been told to use postcards, but I am concerned that the school would not even give a postcard a second glance.

Any ideas, help or advice would be greatly appreciated

Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 18, 2006 01:36PM)
10 in 500 is a HUGE return! don't knock it
Message: Posted by: HypnotizeAmerica (Jan 18, 2006 08:37PM)
Hypn -

I will say that I use postcards and one of the biggest advantages is that I can mail out twice as many postcards as I can letters for the same cost allowing me to hit twice as many people as I could with letters.

If you want more help feel free to PM me.
Message: Posted by: genedavid (Jan 19, 2006 03:18PM)
Danny is right. 2% on a direct marketing letter is great. If you got one show from the mailing it should more than pay for your costs. (the ROI on that is high)

Post cards are not a bad idea.

Maybe the questions shouldn't be "letter v. postcard", but "what are the other things you can do marketing wise?"

We use 4 different strategies to stay in contact (read: remind them we are out there and that they should hire us again) with people we have work with in the past. It is always easier to sell again (assuming we did a good job last time) than to sell to a new person.

We use 2 different strategies (besides direct mail pieces) to get new work.
Message: Posted by: hypn (Jan 19, 2006 10:17PM)
Thanks GENE,

Very good answer, I also rely a lot on past clients, which as you say are your biggest buyers. Any takers on postcard vs letters ?

Message: Posted by: nalu_magic (Jan 20, 2006 01:26AM)
I've used and continue to use postcards as my main source of marketing to schools. I have found them to be very inexpensive and amazingly profitable! Don't focus on your percentage of successful bookings - focus on your profit margin!!! Who cares if you only book 2 shows after sending out 1000 postcards. The bottom line is only cost $260 and you made $x as a profit!!!!

Of course your directing mailing piece is only as good as the contents within. Here are a few tips.

1. Focus on client benefits.

2. Give them multiple ways to respond.

3. Address to the right person!!!! (You'd be surprised at how effective mailing to Student Officers can be as opposed to a Principal or faculty member)

4. Be specific in offer (don't send 1 postcard or letter and try to sell Proms, Grad Parties, Fundraisers, etc.) One mailing piece per specific show.

Believe me, 26 cents goes a looooong way in this business. Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: hypn (Jan 20, 2006 02:17AM)
Hi Nalu,

Excellent answer, thanks so much. I have not tried targeted marketing yet. At this stage I am sending to The principal or teacher, but I have heard that these are not as good when it comes to results.

Once again Thank you

Message: Posted by: Popo (Jan 25, 2006 04:16PM)
Good advice, Nalu. I would also add an obvious yet overlooked tip. Make certain that your mailings are getting to the schools on Tue., Wed., or Thu. If they get there on Mon. or Fri. they are more than likely filed directly into the circular file.