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Topic: Crossed Fingers.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Jan 20, 2006 10:50AM)
Ever noticed how getting a subject to cross fingers allows a fast induction.
Message: Posted by: mota (Jan 20, 2006 12:37PM)
I have never heard of this (of course, there is much I have never heard of)....still, how do you use this?

I have found it helps to have them have their legs and hands un-crossed, not crossed. I am curious how you use the crossed fingers, it does sound interesting.
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Jan 20, 2006 03:11PM)
Partizan could you please specify more on the subject? as same as mota I've also noticed un-crossed relaxed bodies help much more than crossed-tensed body.
Message: Posted by: Partizan (Jan 25, 2006 10:40AM)
If I say too you "now cross your fingers". What is the first couple of things that would come too your mind?

"Now uncross your fingers and relax". See!

If not, then just try asking someone in a casual situation "How do YOU cross your fingers?" whilst showing them with yours.

Now observe the trance of the person as they do this action. You should get between 1 and 10 seconds of opportunity.

PS. You could get a greater response by saying "No, I said cross your fingers!" after they have done the action. This causes internal query and a great time for you to induce.
Message: Posted by: Sfarad (Jan 29, 2006 09:45AM)