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Topic: CHRIS MITCHELL'S Psychic Crayons...
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Jan 21, 2006 05:25AM)
A new mind reading effect from Tony Clark Magic!

[b]Psychic Crayons[/b]

This effect will really fool them. It’s a [i]real[/i] box of 24 Crayola crayons that you hand out and have someone [b]freely[/b] select a color. Then you, the mind reading magician, will tell them the color they picked. This amazing effect is very easy to do. You can literally do it minutes after getting it.

[b]Here’s what the top Pros are saying:[/b]

“[i]A clever and creative mind reading concept. There should be one in every road case[/i].” - [b]Vito Lupo[/b]

“[i]Brilliant[/i]” - [b]George Saterial[/b]

“[i]An innovative, powerful, and practical new force[/i].” - [b]Mark Wilson[/b]

“[i]It’s fooled every single person I performed it for. It makes you feel like a real mind reader[/i].” - [b]Tony Clark[/b]


Comes with Two routines. One from two-time [i]Gold Medal Winner[/i] [b]George Saterial[/b] and one from the creator, [b]Chris Mitchell[/b]. In addition to these two great routines, there can be endless applications to this new foolproof mind reading effect.

Don’t delay - this one is flying off the shelves!

[i]Introductory price is[/i] [b]$27.50[/b]
*Mention [b]The Magic Café[/b] in the comments box when ordering and get [b]free shipping[/b]!

[url=http://www.tonyclarkmagic.com]Tony Clark Magic[/url]