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Topic: AOA vol. 1 back in print?
Message: Posted by: ben creitz (Nov 18, 2002 10:37AM)
Is this true? I read it on the web somewhere...please say yes!
Message: Posted by: Craig Matsuoka (Nov 18, 2002 11:33AM)
Yup. That's the news I heard. Denny's email newsletter announced it this weekend. This might be the revised edition Tim Trono's been promising us. If it is, it should contain corrections, re-writing, and additional updated material.

Hopefully, Tim's tuning in and can confirm this.
Message: Posted by: ben creitz (Nov 18, 2002 11:45AM)
Kermit, there are several great posts in this forum which outline the contents and value of AOA. Hunt them down. my wife is buying it for me for x-mas and I can hardly wait.
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Nov 18, 2002 12:27PM)
It's fantastic. In fact all the volumes are. An absolute fountain of gtenius from a wonderful creator- how he comes up with some of his ideas baffles me.
Message: Posted by: woodmaven (Nov 18, 2002 12:32PM)
I can confirm that it is back in print and has been revised to correct minor problems. I had one on back order since July and it finally arrived with the new printing about two weeks ago. My set is finally complete!

Vol 1 is every bit as good as the other two volumes. If I was stuck on a deserted island and could only have 3 books - I would choose these 3.

Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Nov 18, 2002 12:34PM)
I just recieved my copy. P.H. says he deleted about 50 tricks also he has changed some things for clarity.I am looking foward to reading it. oblique
Message: Posted by: DJP (Jan 13, 2003 12:24PM)
When is the LATEST volume 1 out?

What tricks has Paul got rid of?

Message: Posted by: sleightly (Jan 13, 2003 02:09PM)
Tim is off at the World Magic Summit in Vegas and can't respond so I will for him...

The only changes made to the reprint of Vol. 1 were reordering of the frontmatter and minor corrections in same and a new copyright that reflects the new order.

There were thoughts of expanding and revising, but this was abandoned. Partly for cost concerns, partly to avoid having multiple versions of the same work (as the other volumes remained in print).

Perhaps one day in the future we will see another work by Paul Harris in print, but for now we should enjoy the ones we've got...