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Topic: Big Brother
Message: Posted by: tomrav (Jan 28, 2006 05:00AM)
Those of you in the UK may have just finished watching 'Celebrity Big Brother', I'm pretty sure Big Brother is on in other countries.

The question is this, if you were on Big Brother, what tricks could you come up with to perform, there are restrictions, you can't have pens or paper in the house; you can't have any special props or playing cards, there are cameras all aroung you.

Cold reading could be a possibilty as could vanishing small objects.

I think I would perform Slydini's Napkins over Head - do it with one housemate, the other housemates can be in on it, as can the viewers at home.

Go on, I double dare you!
Message: Posted by: Byron (Feb 1, 2006 09:52AM)
Cut and restored shoe laces?!
Message: Posted by: Eric Leclerc (Feb 23, 2006 10:33PM)
Please...theres SO MUCH you could do

-spoon bends
-being a simple thumb tip you got at least 15 effects right there
-any type of manipulations maybe end clean with your sleeves
-if you are going to use help from the other house mates, the coin vanish under a napkin using a stooge is AMAZING to anyone seeing it, especially when you do it over and over
-i only do 1 coin trick, its MR CLEAN coins across...it would be perfect for this setting
-you can do the crossed arm trick (copperfield did it on tv)
-sneak in some I.T. and you got tons of effects..
-cigarette manipulation
-floating spoon ala zombie with a cloth cover (close to your body) maybe use as a gag

you have to think like this as well, even if there ARE cameras everywhere..do you really think they would purposely ridiculize you and air the shot of the bad angle? Unless you are an annoying magician they would never do that. They would show your roomates reactions. my thoughts...