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Topic: Tim Allen (home improvement) -flying like DC (almost)
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Jan 29, 2006 11:24AM)
Hi Guys,

Today I was watching a re-run channel we have here in South Africa called "the Series Channel". Anyway, on an episode of Home Improvement, Tim "the toolman" Taylor built a flying rig for his kid to perform in a Peter Pan play. He set it up in his back yard and flew around for a bit - it looked like a very rough Copperfield flying illusion.

He said he had used "aircraft wire" so they were thin and invisible...

What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jan 29, 2006 11:50AM)
I wish I had seen it.
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Jan 29, 2006 02:31PM)
As much as I can remember about the episode- maybe it will help someone locate the video: Tim pulls his groin muscle lifting a chest for his wife. His kid is in a Peter Pan play but can't fly..and has to prance around in rather a sissy-like way. Tim won't have it- so he builds a flying rig that works with counterweights. It was actually pretty good.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jan 29, 2006 02:37PM)
I love Home Improvement! Tim Allen is one funny guy.

Message: Posted by: BLSmagic (Jan 30, 2006 09:16PM)
I do remember the episode and have seen it several times. I won't tie it in any way with Copperfield's because I don't want to give any leads. ;) However, I know that there are suspensions out there that work in a very similar way to the one Tim Allen was on. Good observation. That never really occured to me while watching. :P
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Feb 1, 2006 06:28AM)
Tim allen is a great comedian. The rig he made souded simple..would have loved to have seen production shots/photo's