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Topic: 2nd Guessers...
Message: Posted by: ac-magic (Jan 29, 2006 01:10PM)
Hi guys... I've searched for this and am sorry if this has already been discussed.

What do you do with people who second guess where the ace really is? I was perfomring Greg Wilson's 3-c-m and the first stage people often "see". I quite like this, because it gets them in the mood thinking "Oh this is easy". However the routine doesn't use folded cards so a mexican turnover I believe is out of the question. I was perfoming for my mum and tried to switch out because she just 2nd guessed each time where the ace was grrrrrrr. So yeah, how do you deal with them

Message: Posted by: ac-magic (Feb 11, 2006 09:07AM)
Wow! 42 views and nothing.

Can anyboydy help me please?

Message: Posted by: warren (Feb 16, 2006 08:16AM)
I use patter to try and solve this problem ie I either perform it as a demonstration with words such as I thought the card was there but it was over here or I use the words if we were playing for money where do you think most people would say the card is.
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Feb 16, 2006 11:37AM)
Check out the School for Scoundrels DVD on Three-Card Monte. It has a lot of ways to handle the situation you describe. Further information is available on the Scoundrels Forum, and in the videos on Scoundrels Photos.

It isn't an easy question to answer in a short post.

BTW, the Mexican Turnover is done with flat cards; the Flip, Forward Flip, and Flip-Change are all done with tented or folded cards. All of these are illustrated in the clips from our DVD that are available for free on the Scoundrels Photos.

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Message: Posted by: ac-magic (Feb 17, 2006 10:20AM)
Thankyou, I shal look into those

Message: Posted by: J0ma (Feb 17, 2006 11:33AM)
But, how is that Sal Piacente teaches The Mexican Turnover with FOLDED cards? Just to mention it though. :)


Message: Posted by: kerpa (Mar 29, 2006 02:29PM)
I bet this is similar for shells and peas, but would welcome comments.

I had the pleasure of watching Bob Sheets lecture and present his shells and pea a few weeks ago at our magic club. That very question was asked by one of the professional magicians at the lecture. His answer? He doesn't care WHAT is guessed, be it second guessing or not. He said that's because the pea will never ever be under the shell that is guessed. (which he went on to demonstrate) Of course, Bob Sheets switches between several levels of complexity of technique, on the fly, depending upon his audience and their reactions. I loved watching him, because I was literally 2 feet away, had been TOLD by Bob the moves he was using beforehand, and still could not see him doing it! A pure work of art.
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Message: Posted by: Dave V (Mar 30, 2006 03:44PM)
It's easier with shells than it is with cards though. As Bob Sheets proves, it's rather easy to just push the shell forward and indicate for them to turn it over, place their finger on it, whatever, and steal at the same time.

It's harder to switch cards as this is the time they're "burning" your hands. Not impossible, just harder.