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Topic: Hand Stuck To Table
Message: Posted by: Bennie90 (Jan 29, 2006 02:13PM)
I have been trying this for couple of my friends but with no success.
I have read basic hypnotisim but... Just that it doesn't work at all.

Could somebody PM me help. I will pm back my patter if somebody is willing to help. don't want to post it to public forum even this is basic effect.
Message: Posted by: ac-magic (Jan 29, 2006 02:47PM)
I would suggest that you start off with hypno-tricks first. These are tricks that you can say are hypnotism... This gives the spectator the idea that you really can hypnotise people and then they will be more likely to get their hand stuck to the table.

Hope I helped
Message: Posted by: MOJave (Feb 6, 2006 08:53AM)
OKay if you wish PM me and I will help. When I do hypnosis this is usually how I being as it is something more eerin that locking hands together. When their hands are stuck to a table the audience impact is stronger as the table isn't gripping back

Message: Posted by: Coyotekin (Feb 7, 2006 05:29PM)
Much of it is set up well before hand.
The main thing you want to start with is establishing what is called a yes set. This is basically where the subject has responded yes, or positively, to many things you have asked, or told them to do. Do they follow commands easily and without hesitation? If not then perhaps you want to throw a few fun things in there to get them smiling and in the mood. Or you can be rather boring, which I would not recomend as an entertainer, and ask them questions which they can only answer yes to. It works though.
Now, when it comes to challenenges, which is what the hand stuck to the desk is, there is a bit of set-up using basic psychology. And this is also assuming you have established a yes set. And we like to use the word try when it comes to these because the word try denotes the chance or possibility of failure. Comibine this with perhaps a somatic guide by pressing down on their hand while describing the sensations of a hand being stuck, perhaps refering to what super glue feels like, etc. and the mind can imagine it so disctinctly.
If you would like to talk more about this then please feel free to e-mail me.
Message: Posted by: GraytScot (Feb 8, 2006 07:56PM)
Have you been using any test it see how deep the suject is. A good test is a floating arm once it's up tell themm to lock it in place then simply push the arm if its stiff they are ready
Message: Posted by: Waters (Feb 8, 2006 09:06PM)
No offense, but I don't think you can expect your friends to believe in your hypnosis abilities after doing a set of card manipulations (I love them by the way).

But, it is more about peoples' belief in your abilities... it has almost nothing to do with your knowledge itself (that is after you do have some knowledge, which it sounds like you may).

Make them believe first! I agree with Ac-Magic, do some pseudo hypnosis effects then you will have more success.

Message: Posted by: Coyotekin (Feb 9, 2006 06:49PM)
Magic, you are right about being much to do about belief. And yet if you are able to amaze and impress them with other tricks this could be another form of establishing rapport and a yes set. Not to mention that if they can believe that you know what you are doing with Magic then you must indeed be an authority on Hypnosis. ;)
Message: Posted by: GraytScot (Feb 10, 2006 07:24PM)
So what your saying is he needs to work on better preconditioning
If you precondition a subject well then even a close friend will
will go under with ease. It is the most important are of Hypnosis
Message: Posted by: PRINCE (Feb 11, 2006 05:09PM)
Bennie90 you have answered your own question. No success with your FRIENDS. You need to try hypnosis on someone who doesn't know you. To take this seriouslsy and be CONFIDENT you need to do this first with someone you don't know, and preferably a lady.
Message: Posted by: gibson99 (Feb 13, 2006 05:54AM)
Is an absolute beginner able to achieve this effect?
Message: Posted by: Thoughtreader (Feb 13, 2006 02:44PM)
Sooner or later they will be able to do it. Do not be fooled into thinking that after reading up on hypnosis that you can rush out and do it. This is the same mistake many magicians make when trying their hands at mentalism.
PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat