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Topic: New York Coin Magic Seminar III VEGAS Update!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Jan 29, 2006 10:50PM)
Hey everyone, we are coming up on the three week mark until our coin seminar, the day before the World magic Seminar in Vegas. I got the updated list, and while I see that we still have some spots open, I am pleased that some of our Café friends will be there! For those of you who registered, I will be contacting you in one to two weeks, to go over things you will need to bring,and topics you would like to discuss during the Seminar. We did this the last time, and it was very helpful to gauge the interests and abilities of the people. Many of the attendees are just hobbists, some beginners, but all have a working knowledge of basic coin magic. This time, we will be dividing the people into four breakout groups, who will have peresonal instruction with each of us, in addition to the performances, lectures, special guest appearances by Kainoa Harbottle and a very special someone else (who has a very special something lined up to show!). As usual, there will be a unique kit of material for the attendees (its different in every Seminar). The nice thing about this Seminar, is that the attendees will be able to ask us questions during the following World Magic Seminar where we will also be participating (and doing different material). This is a first, as after the other two Seminars we did, the attendees had to leave at the end of the day. For those of you who still want to sign up, there is not much time. Check out http://www.coinchampions.com for sign up details, or the website of the world magic Seminar. See you all soon!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 4, 2006 04:42PM)
TWO WEEKS LEFT, and there are still a few spots left to fill. The news on our mystery guest has been revealed on the web site. It is none other than CURTIS KAM! So, in addition to six hours of intense coin magic by Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, and Gallo, including two hours of small breakout group workshops, there is a lecture by special guest KAINOA HARBOTTLE, and a special presentation by CURTIS KAM! ITs like a mini COINVENTION, the day before World Magic Seminar! There is still time to sign up, so if you want more coins than the stuff you'll get at WMS (the guys will be doing other stuff, and cards as well as WMS), you have to sign up here. For those who have signed up already, I will be contacting you in the next several days to go over what to bring, and to ask for your special interests so that we may address them at our Seminar!
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Feb 5, 2006 12:23PM)
Hi Michael,

Best wishes to you and everyone involved in the upcoming lecture. Wish I could be there and would urge everyone in the area to attend as it's one of those "Must See" lectures that those that have been fortunate to view, have raved about!

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 5, 2006 12:51PM)
Thank you Chrystal! With only two weeks left, I am still getting PMs with questions. First, we will be going OVER six hours, because at the end of our Seminar, there are special presentations by Kainoa Harbottle and Curtis Kam. Curtis will be (among other things) debuting a special effect taught for the first time at our Seminar, and Kainoa will be doing selections from his new and old books. As I mentioned on one thread, when Kainoa showed us one of the effects, Roth plunked his wallet on the table and asked Kainoa how much it would take to keep that effect out of his book! Well, Roth still has his money, and Kainoa will show the routine at our Seminar (and yes, its in the book).
Second, I can't put up an exact schedule, only because we tend to go off on tangents based on questions and stuff that come up at the Seminars. So, we are never tied down to a specific schedule, and we try to tailor the Seminar to the needs and desires of the group as a whole.
Three, the new workshop arrangement is an exciting new feature for VEGAS, as we will breakout into small groups for a two hour period and work on moves, or tricks that the groups want to work through. This is the chance to get technique instruction.
As with the first one, there will be shows, demonstrations, presentations, discussions, and rare DVD footage of coin magicians of the past (always a highlight).
Four, we will be doing stuff at WMS that is different than the Seminar material, so not only will the Seminar attendees get much more, but they will be able to ask us stuff over the next few days as they absorb and try out the material we provided. That is also a FIRST for our Seminar!
Last, the FREE STUFF package is always different for each Seminar, filled with notes and DVD's worth well over $100 bucks ! All this for the sign up fee of $250. I haven't gotten the updated sign up sheet, but we don't have too many spots left. If you are thinking about going to the World Magic Seminar, you can't afford not to go to our Vegas Seminar, to be held the day before WMS begins. Sign up at
http://www.coinchampions.com , and while you're there, watch the video clip of our last Seminar. Should be a blast!
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 12, 2006 09:52PM)
Less than one week left, PM me if you are coming so I can talk to you before we leave for Vegas. We need to have a final head count to prepare the free stuff package for you (lecture notes and DVD's). See you in Vegas!