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Topic: [Video] My coin magic
Message: Posted by: Xargos (Jan 30, 2006 01:04AM)

Just sharing :) I perfected my coin manipulation since the first video, and now my french drop is better
Message: Posted by: Xargos (Jan 31, 2006 06:00AM)
No comments ?
Message: Posted by: jgravelle (Jan 31, 2006 07:45AM)
Maybe this is a translation problem... but you don't want to throw the phrase "perfected my coin manipulation" around here too loosely. You're in the company of some of the masters of this craft... guys who can do that assembly work one-handed.

Perhaps you meant you've "worked hard on it" and would like some constructive criticism. If so, here it is:

It looks okay. Frame your shots so your hands don't disappear from the picture, or people will assume you're ditching coins when your hands are off camera. Edit your clips so that the last five seconds isn't a shot of you reaching for the "Off" button. It looks to the viewer like you're reaching in to strangle us. And consider filming the same routine from three different angles: front, right-front, and left-front, so you get an overall perspective of how an audience sitting around your table might see things.

How's that?


Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Jan 31, 2006 11:33AM)
OK, I was going to skip this one but here we go.

The music is chaotic and offensive to some. To me it's just annoying. But to me it makes you look like a kid doing tricks, "Look Ma, No hands!"

You want constructive criticism? You have a good start. You have clearly worked hard and learned something. You are gaining skills. But if you continue working as hard as you have then in six months you will look at this film and think, "Oh my GAWD, what was I DOING?"

In other words, you have a long way to go, but you are well on the road.

I saw no magic. I saw a few sleights thrown together, but no magic. In other words, learn presentation. Draw me in. Make me see that coin go into your hand. Guide your spectator.

OK, my main advice, keep on doing what you are doing. You clearly have the guts to learn magic, you also have the discipline to at least start. Just keep on using those traits and you will go very far.

As my mentor told me years ago, "Rik, today you are a magician, you're a ****-poor magician, but you have the rest of your life to correct that."
Message: Posted by: Xargos (Jan 31, 2006 01:18PM)
I was just showing the "technical" part of the manipulation with a bit of music added, I was not trying to make a movie, I already have enough to shoot, and for the "perfected" part, I think It was a translation problem, I never meant(?) It was perfect, just a bit better then before :)

Thank you for your advices
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Jan 31, 2006 07:30PM)
I hope that I didn't offend you. However I would rather real advice myself. You don't get better by people slapping you on the back and saying "Nice job".
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Feb 1, 2006 08:49AM)
The matrix was good. But the second video wasnt very good. I would say your hands where out of the frame too much, and a lot of the moves just made no sense. It didn't look like you vanished the coin, it ACTUALLY looked like you just kept it in your other hand. Now, I don't do much coins. So don't get me wrong by thinking Im a pro at coins or anything. You did the slieghts OK, but it didn't look very magicle. Like I said, it looked like you pretended to put the coin in your left, but kept it in your right. What I think would work better, is insted of producing the coin from the other hand, is to bring both hands together, and produce the coin. When you produce the coin from the other hand, it looks like you had it there the whole time. If you don't have "JB Bobos Modern Coin magic" I highly suggest it. And also, look at other magi doing coin magic. You can see it on this forum, or on magic video depot. Take notes on them. Anyway, I hope you aren't getting the idea I think you are no good. Cuz I know from typing this, that it kinda does sound that way. :) But Im not, because I would be the LAST one to give you advise on coins. But I just thought Id give you some tips on how to perfect it. Anyway, good luck. -Cory.
Message: Posted by: NickJegor (Jun 5, 2006 11:20AM)
Message: Posted by: SOHA (Jun 5, 2006 11:30AM)
Both looked good from a real spectator's point of view.

You kept in frame what was supposed to be in frame.

If you want to impress magicians, do what these gus are telling you. If not, you're doing just fine.