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Topic: Plastic Spoon Bending
Message: Posted by: vovin (Jan 12, 2002 03:20PM)
I have heard a lot lately on plastic spoon bending. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some info on it or who, where I can get the trick. :slurp:
Message: Posted by: vovin (Jan 31, 2002 12:18PM)
I guess this is a well kept secret.
Message: Posted by: Fon (Feb 1, 2002 12:14PM)
I can do it,

But I need a lighter,



Message: Posted by: Jedi (Feb 1, 2002 03:56PM)
Fon is not far from the truth.
But, you can get the info on most metal bending videos as a bonus trick, more for the mentalist this trick, then anyone else.
Message: Posted by: brainman (Feb 16, 2002 05:57PM)
Werry (now dead) a German magician developed a good version - ask Ted Lesley (German) where to get it!!!

Message: Posted by: Geoff Williams (Feb 18, 2002 08:23AM)
You could apply the Sawa method to plastic spoon bending as well. Just check out the David Williamson video containing this (I don't remember if it was the first or second one).

Ditto for "Metalogic," which is a 1978 manuscript by Fred C. Baumann.

Or you could even stress the spoon ahead of time and work with it just like in the metal version. Not quite as strong but doable all the same.