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Topic: Raven Video
Message: Posted by: evergreen (Nov 19, 2002 05:28PM)
Hey Hey Hey,

I have the Raven and I am thinking of getting the video for it. Does it help your preformence with it much? Is it worth it? :spinningcoin:
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Nov 19, 2002 05:53PM)
Definitely, a must get for Raven users. Helps you use the device smoothly.
Message: Posted by: zeroG (Nov 20, 2002 09:13AM)
Personally I got a lot out of it. Without the vid I never would have used the raven. It's not too expensive. Get it. It does help.
Message: Posted by: wildmind (Nov 20, 2002 02:07PM)
I was thinking of purchasing the video as well, but my funds are low at the moment. Would anyone be interested in letting me borrow it for a week or so? I would pay for shipping of course and maybe a few bucks for the trouble. :)
Message: Posted by: magic hands (Nov 20, 2002 09:11PM)
I also have the video..I'm on Long Island.. :dancing: