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Topic: Producing a Rat in street performance
Message: Posted by: MOJave (Feb 6, 2006 08:51AM)
I was thinking of producing a rat in street performance, but to be honest have NO idea how to accomplish that. I have never used livestock before and don't want to hurt them or be cruel..... any ideas?

Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Feb 6, 2006 08:56AM)
How about a dragon production box or a small drawer box
Message: Posted by: bry1513 (Feb 6, 2006 11:39AM)
Balloon to bunny or the circus wagon production.

Take care,

Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Feb 6, 2006 04:58PM)
Any of the above would be fine. But remember, rats are smart and if there is a way to get out, they will find it. I have used rats a few times and once, he was sitting on top of the prop when I went to pull it out of my table. If the rat is a pet and trust you, then you both should have lots of fun.
Message: Posted by: Dr. Solar (Feb 6, 2006 10:49PM)
I had often used a rat in my chick pan to great enjoyment.With large cups, or mice, you could product it in a cups and balls climax.
Message: Posted by: Vinnie Laraway (Feb 6, 2006 11:00PM)
You could always just make the rat a final load for a C&B's routine or a Chop Cup Routine...

Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Feb 6, 2006 11:04PM)
Three things come to mind.

#1- How large do domestic rats get? Street rats get pretty large!

#2- Are you really able to 'train' a rat.

#3- Don't rats bite more than other rodents? Will a Vet give a rat shot's like they do dogs in case someone (yourself included) get's bit?

I've seen rats on the street and they are pretty mean. I'll be interested to hear how things turn out.
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Feb 7, 2006 12:09AM)
Hi Christopher,

First let me commend you for realizing that every creature is important and kudos to you for stating you don't want to harm them in any way. While I don't have experience with rats, my sister owns one. From what I've read and observed, they are extremely trainable.

I'm speaking of domesticated rats however, and not wild rats as those would be too difficult to handle.

Here's a site that may answer some of your questions and best wishes to you.


Message: Posted by: MOJave (Feb 7, 2006 08:03PM)
Thanks for some of your feedback. It is a domesticated rat and its my girfriends brothers. I just don't want to be cruel to it and stuff it in a pocket or something. I really have NO IDEA about using animals. don't know any methods whatsoever as ive never done it before. Domesticated rats rarely bite and are trainable (but I didn't know you had to train it)

How do you keep it on your body without hurting it and without people seeing it and without it moving around??
Message: Posted by: Mr. Muggle (Feb 7, 2006 09:09PM)
Check your Private Messages for some basic resources that might help.
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Feb 19, 2006 12:21PM)
Rats are extremely trainable animals.

Now, surprisingly enough, the males seem to have a better temperment about them, but, they can get very large in size. Also, the males carry less allergens than the females... so you will find yourself sneezing less with a male.

One thing you have to be careful for, is how you handle them. They are fragile animals. To grab them for a load without looking, could cause them some harm

Also, when they get happy, they tend to get excited. So if you form a good bond with your rat, when he/she sees you, there is a chance she/he will get very hyper.

Other than that, rats love to clean their adopted parents, and sit on their shoulder, or in their shirt pocket.
Message: Posted by: Stevenleeaugust (Feb 19, 2006 12:41PM)
I have worked with rats and there are many ways to safely use them in magic but I stopped because of them constantly pooping
When it happens its funny but totally destroys the effect I was doing,
Poop was all they remember, talked about and laughed at, not the magic. As for close up I can get away with roaches, spiders and snakes but if I am working an event, lets say a cocktail reception and a rat poops it would gross the people out. But is it funny .
Message: Posted by: Luke Sherratt (Feb 19, 2006 05:55PM)
Criss Angel did this on on eof his earliear tv specials, he used a napkin and a white holder to put it in. and he would make the steal as his hand dropped to his side for a moment. Its very easy to do. Check it out if you can its on the Supernatural special.

Message: Posted by: edwin (May 13, 2006 02:48PM)
I owned one for two years. Very docile creatures, provided you get one young from the pet store--not the streets. She never bit me even once. Very lovable. I'm considering buying another or two because of all the productions I could do with them using standard equipment--when bunnies are too big and mice are too small (and mice tend to jump out of your hands, unlike rats).

For instance, imagine a production from inside a silk cabby or a mirror glass transformation, or a dove take-apart box (when you don't have a huge area for an aviary), or heck, from inside the box using a joker tube. And of course the responses from the kiddies to live animals--priceless!

To get away from the poop thing, wear black and use a black tablecloth over your magician's table. Problem solved.
Message: Posted by: professorsnape (May 18, 2006 03:26PM)
A word of caution, as trainable as they are, and fairly intelligent, you'll loose a lot of potential customers, especially moms, using rats, rabbits are cuddly - rats ain't. A friend of mine used a chinchilla and some parents still complain 'cos they thought it was a big rat!
Message: Posted by: g0thike (May 21, 2006 12:27AM)
Get a box of kleenex, cut off a wall, load the rat in a white bag with tissue glued to it, steal it from inside the box as you perform paper balls over the head.

Message: Posted by: Dynamike (May 21, 2006 01:41AM)
I stop using rats because of what Edwin mentioned above. They always poop so often. Everything gets messy. Rats don't bite like people think they do. MOJave, I can understand what you are trying to do is clean and understanding. But the question is how whould the spectators look at you for producing a rat. They make think you just got it from the alley and be frightened to come near you or shake your hand. Good luck.
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (May 21, 2006 07:23PM)
I would say either a chick opan, small drawer box, dargon production box or somthing else that is just large enough to fit the load for the effect you are trying to accomplish