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Topic: Can bats be trained?
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 19, 2001 06:38PM)
I know, weird question. I just have always wondered if you could use bats instead of doves.I have talked to some people about this & the concern is that they thought the wings are too fragile, any help is appreciated.

:mad: Ichazod :mad:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 20, 2001 03:50PM)
Does this mean all your shows would have to be done at night? :lol:

Just kidding ;)
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Sep 20, 2001 04:39PM)
I had a friend a long long time ago who used to have pet bats. I'm not sure if they are able to be trained or not, but I know they are great survivors. Your best bat..I mean bet would be contact your local zoo and ask them about it or contact someone that specializes in bats, if you need information contacting them, I'll look around here because I have a book that has some information in it.
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 20, 2001 08:41PM)
Thanx Magic man!

Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Sep 21, 2001 05:16AM)
No Problem glad to help you out...I got curious last night so I looked up those books and did find that under special circumstances they can be trained as they are highly intelligent. They are extremely clean, grooming themselves as much or more than cats do. They only bite when hurt or scared. Most species have excellent eyesight and do not only depend on their sonar. The books I have found this information from are

Americaís Neighborhood Batís by Merlin D. Tuttle.

A guide to Bats in the world by Gary L. Graham, Ph.D..

Hope this helps you out a little more.
Message: Posted by: John Zander (Sep 21, 2001 07:41AM)
Sure cats can be trained! Here are the commands that my cat will respond to...


Tear up my expensive speakers!



Whine when you are hungry! (all d**n day)

Sharpen your claws on the screen!


Bring in the fleas!


My sonís cat "Buzz Lightkitty" the worlds smartest cat :bigsmile:


Thank you,

John Zander


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Message: Posted by: Billy Diamond (Sep 22, 2001 10:12AM)
Well, that depends on if they are aluminum bats or wooden bats. Aluminum bats work best for stealing as they are light weight and do not splinter !!!

Actually, although a very weird idea I think the use of bats is a brilliant idea if you have a dark show (no pun intended) or gothic show. My thought is that you would become internationally known in the magic community real fast as the guy who uses bats. Think about the potential for lectures (bat steals, harnesses). Iíll manufacture the harnesses for you! Look out General Grant!

Best of luck....please keep us informed if they can be trained and your progress....great idea :idea:


Billy Diamond

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Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 22, 2001 08:39PM)
Thank you for your help (& jokes). I just thought that bats would be perfect for me. I couldnít see myself producing doves, unless I bit the heads off or something. :bg:



Posted: Oct 1, 2001 7:24pm
Unfortunately, bats canít be kept as pets :pout: Thank you all for your input!

Hmmmm, what about Tarantula manipulation?