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Topic: Does anyone have a reference for this sleight/method?
Message: Posted by: Drew from Spotlight (Nov 21, 2002 04:06PM)
On World’s Wildest Magic Michael Finney was doing a Cut and restored Routine. During the routine he knotted the rope in a certain way so that when it was cut he appeared to just tie the ends back together to make it appear he just tied two pieces of rope together. He did this twice. His audience assistant was then able to just blow the knots off the rope to reveal a restored rope.

Does anyone know specifically where I can find this method of tying and knotting the rope to get ready for this “Knots Off” effect and what it’s called? Also I do not believe that this is the effect referenced in Mark Wilson’s Course in magic although the end effect is similar.

Thanks for the help
Message: Posted by: magicman2000 (Nov 26, 2002 12:56PM)
I think the answer to your question can be found in Daryl's new DVD called "Fooler Doolers" #2. He demonstrates how to make vanishing and reappearing knots in a very easy to learn presentation. There are
also other good rope tricks explained on the DVD. I highly recommend the whole 3 DVD series, but your question is covered on #2.

Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Dec 8, 2002 02:00AM)
Aldo Colombini has several videos out dealing with ropes.
1. lasting impressions he has over 15 rope effects. he also has a video mama mima rope trick written by David Acer book and video
hope this help
Message: Posted by: Gilkster (Dec 8, 2002 09:49PM)
Hey magicman2000, I was just wondering how much the 3-DVD set costs??? Thanks :die:
Message: Posted by: Lior (Dec 9, 2002 04:06AM)
Message: Posted by: magicman2000 (Dec 18, 2002 10:33PM)
You can get the DVDs on sale now for $25 each at:
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Dec 19, 2002 04:56PM)

This is a fairly straightforward sleight. Do you currently perform a Cut and Restored Rope effect? If so, you are undoubtedly partially there.

I would recommend any of George Sands' Sandsational Ropes booklets as a useful source.
Message: Posted by: PMVIVA (Dec 29, 2002 08:18PM)
Hello, Have you tried looking into the McBride on Stages Videos? In volume 1, McBride performs a cut and restored rope routine where he does something like you said, about the knots. I use this move in my routine, it looks great.

Message: Posted by: Bilwonder (Jan 4, 2003 09:27PM)
You might save some money and get the "Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians" Compiled by Stewart James. Mine is a Dover edition. You should also look in Tarbell (I think vol 2).
Message: Posted by: Gruff (Jan 7, 2003 06:26PM)
Two great rope videos if you can get your hands on them are the Tabary video's vol 1&2 and Fip's Truly Magical Rope Routines. Both, I, think are available through L&L.

They all contain plenty of food for thought, as well as some great routines. But use your noggin and compile the best of each and you will have a CRACKING routine on your hands, above and beyond what you're looking for, I dare say!

Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Jan 7, 2003 09:47PM)
The Pop-off Knot is also very clearly described in my routine The Mongolian Pop-Knot, available in booklet form and just coming out on video. Shameless plug.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Jan 17, 2003 03:16PM)

The whole mess with all three knots is in the back of Tarbell 2. Panama rope mystery or some such. Ted Collins from Mecca magic invented it I believe.

This describes how to make a sliding knot in the same manner you describe. But, if you were to snip the ends shorter than described in Tarbell when you pull on the rope, viola! They pop off.


Message: Posted by: debaser (Jan 25, 2003 09:59PM)
Daryl also has videos on just rope magic that include all kinds of knots.