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Topic: Kid show idea involving a dog
Message: Posted by: Jim Poor (Feb 12, 2006 06:52PM)
Ok, I was daydreaming about producing "Rusty the Wonderdog" from a doghouse prop based on the square circle (I'd have to modify the circle a bit) after walking him to the house with one of those "invisible dog" leashes. Then I had the idea that Rusty could actually be the magician the whole show and I could be his well-trained assistant. It would be simple to have him "wave" at the magic moment.

Of course, this is a LONG way off as Rusty will have to be trained and temperment tested etc etc, but what do you think?

Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Feb 12, 2006 07:42PM)
I like the basic idea. Why a square circle as opposed to a tip-over box?
Message: Posted by: Jim Poor (Feb 13, 2006 07:30AM)
I hand't thought of it, but isn't the box a bit more problematic as far as angles?

Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Feb 13, 2006 05:33PM)
It is, but depending on Rusty's size, the compartment can be smaller than the bottom. I think it's a great idea. And the misdirection every time he waved the wand would be tremendous. Plus if the show bombs, blame the dog.
Message: Posted by: Jim Poor (Feb 14, 2006 07:10PM)
He's only got 3 feet, so I think blaming him might backfire ;) I am thinking of a magic therapy dog though....
Message: Posted by: neoreform (Feb 17, 2006 04:41PM)
I like the dog routine. Very clever!
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (Feb 23, 2006 10:54PM)
I love the idea. I love dogs. Most kids love dogs.

Two potential problems, even with the most well-trained dog:

1. show stealer. I mean, some kids will completely focus on the dog no matter what else is going on. They will want to surround him/her, take turns petting, etc.

2. the opposite problem is worse, though rare. Some kids are deathly afraid of dogs, no matter what breed or temperament. Ours are the goofiest, friendlest labradors. But once I introduced one to a group of children from church, and there were two who instantly recoiled with fear.

Not saying you can't compensate in some way if you get a child like this in an audience, but it is something to be prepared for. Sure, covering for every phobia out there would be impossible, but this is one that is more prevalent, especially among children who do not have mammalian pets at home, and know ONE nasty neighbor dog.

Overall, I think it is still a great idea. Maybe even a cape. The Superman in the comics has a superdog these days. Krypto is his name.
Message: Posted by: Jim Poor (Feb 24, 2006 07:34AM)
It may have to be one of the last effects. That way, the kids that want to can come pet, and the ones that are scared can just hang back.

Or... vanish him again after I produce him. But I think the kids might spend the rest of the show wondering where he is and if he's ok etc etc....
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Feb 24, 2006 07:38AM)
Sounds like a great Idea jim! Please inform us of once you have decide on what to do. Hope it goes well!
Message: Posted by: Dr Spektor (Mar 4, 2006 02:19PM)
I've used my standard poodle (stagename: Houndini realname: Scooby) for some mild mentalism effects - like "Mental Fetch" a card - a psychokinetic "lick" - and some "pawology"... kids love him...and no, I don't put the poor guy in a turban... although I do tie a fancy scarf around him at times....