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Topic: Coffee Cup Substitute
Message: Posted by: tootall (Feb 13, 2006 01:12PM)
Hello this isn't another thread about impromptu vs not, but rather a post about a trick I read on here once and I can't seem to find it again. It was a Chop Cup routine that used coffee cups and the last reveal had the handle of the coffee cup found broken off and under the cup itself. If anyone can help me with the name and reference for this trick I would be greatly appreciative. I usually can find find anything through search but this is not one of them. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: tootall (Feb 14, 2006 10:00AM)
So no one knows this trick? I saw it on here. I have searched and searched. Please help! :)
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Feb 14, 2006 05:30PM)
I've never seen it.

It reminds me a bit of a routine that is in Joro's [i]Kleines Becherspiel Kompendium.[/i]
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Feb 14, 2006 06:35PM)
I've seen some sort of "mug off rope" trick on some dealer site. I assume from the description it has a detachable (possibly magnetic) handle. It may or may not have an ungaffed handle as well. You might be able to use something like this to construct a routine similar to what you're talking about.

Do you know anyone who does ceramics? How about one with the handle attached on the [i]inside[/i] of the cup? Nobody will see it until the final reveal, and you can have your person make up a dupe detachable handle for the outside.