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Topic: Tim Ellis and Sue -Anne Webster - The inside story
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Feb 14, 2006 04:18AM)

[b]Tim Ellis[/b] is known throughout the world for his original, innovative and highly entertaining approach to the ancient art of magic. He performs hundreds of shows every year for corporations and at private events all over the globe.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Tim performed his first show over 30 years ago. After high school, he trained as a TV Producer and Editor at Swinburne College of Film and Television.

[i]MAGIC PROMOTER AND DAREDEVIL:[/i] In the 80's and 90's he created and produced [b]Magic Week[/b], Australia's National Festival of the Magical Arts, a ten-day-week filled with hundreds of performances all over the country. Tim helped promote it by performing stunts on National TV including being buried alive, escaping from straitjackets, and being lowered into the Yarra River in a padlocked wooden crate.

[i]TELEVISION MAGICIAN:[/i] He helped produce the Japanese Television Special 'Magical Mystery Tour in Australia', and has made over 80 TV appearances since 1978

[i]MAGIC TEACHER:[/i] For 5 years he owned and operated Melbourne's [i]legendary[/i] [b]Bernard's Magic Shop[/b], and during this time he produced a series of 18 magic-teaching videos, as well as his own innovative tutorial tape [b]Cunning Stunts[/b] and later (with [b]Sue-Anne[/b]) three international successful teaching DVDs.

To encourage new talent Tim instituted a [i]Junior Magician's Club[/i], a [b]TAFE College Magic Course[/b] for adults, and [b]Magic Unlimited's Magic School[/b] teaching presentation skills to established magicians.

[i]MAGIC INNOVATOR & AWARD WINNER:[/i] He also created [b]MagicSports[/b] to develop creativity and staged monthly showcase nights where magicians tried out their new effects and ideas on the public.

After winning virtually every award Australian magic had to offer including [b]Best Stage Magician[/b] and [b]Best Close Up Magician[/b], Tim became the first Australian ever to win two awards at the [b]FISM 'World Championship of Magic[/b] - Switzerland in 1991 and Japan in 1994.

In 2001 Tim and Sue-Anne teamed up to present their magic lectures throught the USA and Europe. In 2001 they were voted [b]Most Valuable Participants[/b] at the prestigious [b]FFFF Convention[/b] for Close-Up Magic. Returning to [b]FFFF[/b] in 2005 they were awarded their [b]Masters of Magic[/b] certificates.

Tim says he is first and foremost a Christian. He enjoys movies and all kinds of gimmicks, gadgets and toys. He's a mark for the WWE and loves thin salt & vinegar chips. If he hadn't been a magician, he would have been a mini-golf pro. :)


Born in Sydney, Australia, [b]Sue-Anne Webster's[/b] interest in magic was sparked by watching [b]The David Nixon Magic Show[/b] on TV.

Sue-Anne's interest in the performing arts lead to her work in television for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as an [i]Assistant Director[/i] on the television program [b]Beatbox[/b], and on the set of [b]Tusitala[/b] at the French's Forest Film Studio.

In 1988, Sue-Anne began art lessons taught by [b]Turoa Walmsley[/b] who happened to be a magician with an interest in helping young people develop their skills in magic. Delighted, Sue-Anne took up the rare opportunity offered to her, initiating her career in magic. She began performing at nursing homes, children's parties, public shows in Town Halls and later at regular gigs in Cafés and restaurants around Sydney.

To learn more about performance skills, Sue-Anne studied drama at [b]The Australian Playhouse Studio[/b] in Sydney from 1990 to 1992 and went on to educate herself in Advanced Film and Television and Screen Acting at [b]The Actor's Centre[/b] in Sydney as well as Theatrical Effects and Pyrotechnics, Latin Dance, Puppetry and Mime. She has worked as an actor on many stage shows, film productions, TV commercials, a television sitcom and a music video clip.


Sue-Anne met Tim in 1997 and began working as a magician with [b]Magic Unlimited[/b]. Sue-Anne performed regularly in [b]Cunning Stunts[/b] at [b]The Mystery Lounge[/b] in Melbourne, [b]Dreams and Illusions[/b] at [b]Caper's Dinner Theatre[/b]. She is often seen doing strolling magic, performing as [b]Jeannie[/b], (she is the official [url=http://www.IDreamOfJeannie.com]IDreamOfJeannie.com[/url] look alike) and starring in corporate shows where she saws Tim in half with a [i]real[/i] chainsaw.

In 2001 Sue-Anne made her close-up magic debut at the prestigious [b]FFFF[/b] Invitation-only close-up magic convention in New York. She became the first woman ever to receive the [b]Most Valuable Participant Award[/b] which she shared with Tim Ellis.

Sue-Anne not only performs magic, but she travels the world lecturing and teaching other magicians as well. She even writes magic books and invents tricks which are sold to magicians internationally.

She has climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, eaten piranha caught fresh from the Amazon River, and travelled to the [i]real[/i] Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She has explored the "New Age" and found it lacking. As a magician, she uses her knowledge of magic to expose the frauds who use sleight of hand and psychology to further a belief in the occult, as a Christian she prefers to seek the truth. :)