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Topic: Prayer Request!
Message: Posted by: triadsong (Feb 14, 2006 07:23AM)
A quick request for some prayers from my colleagues on the board.

A friend of our Music Ministry (We've done both Music and Magic for her Family Renewal Days), Sr. Mary Frances, is the Director of the Nazareth Spiritual Life Center in Monroe, Conneticut. She is having surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to all!

Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Feb 14, 2006 04:59PM)
Just saw the post, but consider her prayed for.
God Bless
Message: Posted by: triadsong (Feb 16, 2006 07:21AM)
Thanks Steve, and everyone else who offered their prayers quietly.

Sr. Mary Frances came through the surgery well, spent the night in the hospital and was expected to be home last night. She will have a long period of recovery until she's back to her busy schedule.

Thanks again and all of you, of course, are in my prayers as well!

Message: Posted by: neoreform (Feb 16, 2006 01:53PM)
We will continue to remember you and her in our prayers. God Bless!